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Happy 49th Birthday to Me! - Stockton, CA

My motivation to have a tummy tuck is for numerous...

My motivation to have a tummy tuck is for numerous reasons, first and foremost would be to be doing something for myself to not only become healthier but to rid the part of my body that is a true eaysore to me.I after many years of diet and exercise finally decided it was something I wanted to do. I have many personal goals, getting to my goal weight,being more disciplined re exercise.Im feeling anxious and excited about the whole procedure Ive done my research and i am very confident in the surgeon i chose. Ive learned alot by not only reading blogs on real self but by also talking to my surgeon so I fully understand the proceduce. Looking forward to this journey!

Awesome I made it to the flat side, day 10 PO...

Awesome I made it to the flat side, day 10 PO feeling great!!! No pain no gain!! Stay positive and it's a breeze!!!
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Thank you for the update! Glad to hear you are doing so well:)

Yes a positive attitude is what's needed for recovery.

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Day 11 PO, feeling a little anxious had 1 drain removed, praying the other one will be taken out tomorrow! Had TT, Lipo and MR on Nov 26th...sooo worth it...already! Wasn't. Able to stomach pain meds so basically just taking Tylenol. Happy healing to everyone and congrats to all having it done!
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Welcome to the community:)

When exactly are you having your tummy tuck?  

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Thank you for the welcome! My TT, Lipo and MR is today nov 26 @ 730 am. I'll keep you posted! (:
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Ohhhh I hope you are doing well today.  Send me an update when you are able to do so.

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