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Suffered W/short Stubby Eyelashes I Started Using Latisse W/positive Results! - Stockton, CA

I had very few lashes & had to have a skin tag...

I had very few lashes & had to have a skin tag removed from left side at the end of my lashes on the low leftside of my eye. The removal caused my eyelashes not to grow back (dr. cauterized it.). I resorted to wearing false eyelashes but gave up on them b/c they were too much trouble.

Four weeks ago I tried Latisse & I can definitely see new lashes sprouting from the area that was formerly lashless. And, my other lashes are getting longer much to my delight! Finally, a product that works!

I haven't had any redness or itchiness after using Latisse. I don't use their applicators I use a fine eyeliner brush to apply & I love the results. June 2009 will be the end of my 16 wks of using Latisse & I can hardly wait for the total results.

I am very happy w/Latisse; it has worked for me. It is a bit expensive but well worth not having to worry about going out w/out make-up other than maybe some lip gloss. I LOVE Latisse it is a product that worked for me. I have tried several other lash growing products but none have done the job like Latisse.

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I'm not recommending my doctor b/c you can buy the product from any plastic surgeon.

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Hi! I am interested in the product. Do you recommend a doctor, I resided in Stockton until a few years ago I moved to the Modesto area. After the 16 weeks do you still need to continue to use the product? Any info. would be great!
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Hi lovepink, If I were you I would get some recommendations from people you know in Modesto that have used dermatologists (or plastic surgeons) in your area. There is no need for you to drive to Stockton to obtain the Latisse when almost any doctor can supply you w/it in Modesto. If you are unable to get any personal recommendations you can find a doctor by calling the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to obtain some possible names from them. It is always a good idea for your doctor to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon but s/he should also be in “good-standing.” I hope you will try & love Latisse as much as I do. Having more visible lashes makes me feel a bit more self-confident as I no longer feel weird b/c of my formerly very short weak eyelashes. Also, I no longer dread having to get ready to go out b/c I don’t have to spend so much time working at trying to get my lashes to be visible; now I actually have lashes & they are getting lovelier every week. Best wishes to you, Choyce2020
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I've made the correction in your review. Thanks for letting us know!
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