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I was expecting that the anesthesia would be 4-6...

I was expecting that the anesthesia would be 4-6 shots not the 30 or so it actually was. I also did't plan to be out of commission for a full week, but at day 4 I am still in alot of pain. I would never undergo this procedure without at least having "twighlight sleep". It was too gruesome.
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A friend of mine just had the "works" done on Monday, 2/28/ll here in Denver. I was considering just the jowls;neck procedure done, but after reading these posts and seeing firsthand my friend second-day post-op--with a lump near one of her eyes. The surgeon, instead of wanting to see her asap said to E-mail him a picture of the eye to determine if it was even necessary to see him.

She has to return to work tomorrow, even though she doesn't feel all that good--she needs the money.

I think I may just age as gracefully as I can in this youth-obsessed culture--or else, find a surgeon certified in facial plastic surgery as well as otolaryngology. Know of any in Denver.

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There is a section here at realself that will help you find a doctor for your state. Here is the link:

No matter what you do, please take the time to get a 2nd opinion and be sure to read each and every line on the contracts that you sign. Best, Chrystal
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Good for you, smart girl, Denver
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the shots were hideous!!
I quit counting after 20 shots.

my heart beat was racing and irregular... they told me that was 'normal'.............

I got 1 dinky pill for 'sedation'.... did NOTHING!
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When they inject the 16 shots of lidocane, I thought I was going to die from the pain. It felt like sharp knives around your face. Prior to the "sedation", if that is what it was meant to be, I could feel the blood dripping into my neck. It was barbaric. And you get to sit in a dentist chair. I was told "its going to be like going to the dentist" and I so believed them and now I am mutilated forever. If you are someone reading this, and thinking about using Lifestyle Lift..DON'T !!! Go to a hospital, it is truly very invasive and I could not leave my house for six weeks. Its now been over a year and the pain never subsides.
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At Lifestyle Lift in West Palm Beach Florida a woman died under Dr. Catalfumo's care. They sent her to the hospital from Lifestyle Lift's office. Lifestyle Lift stated
"Dr. Catalfumo retired". LSL should be banned from "practice".
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