Still Wondering if It's Worth It...

I have been in treatment for two months now. I am...

I have been in treatment for two months now. I am in my 30's and have issues with overcrowding on my lower teeth and an overjet on my upper teeth. I was adamant about not getting braces for many reasons but am hopeful that even though braces would have been the preference for my situation, that Invisalign can correct 80% of my problem.

After reading all of these reviews, I feel that I am paying way too much money. My orthodontist told me that the cost was basically what Invisalign charged but obviously that is untrue. It's a difficult situation because I haven't seen results just yet but I am confident that my smile can be fixed to the point that I am happy with it. If the price tag was more around $4,000, it would be easier to swallow given that there's not much the ortho has to do.

Good luck.. I have overcrowding and overjet too. I am on 2nd set of trays, only 3 more left and still have the exact same problems as when I started. Very difficult to uncrowd the teeth. I am not at all happy. The teeth are better, not perfect and If you are going to spend thousands of dollars they should be perfect. I think invisalign is best for those that wore braces as a child.
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