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I Still Look Like a Chipmunk

I had juvederm injected 4 weeks ago on my minor...

I had juvederm injected 4 weeks ago on my minor parenthesis and I still look like a chipmunk.

I went back today and he said there was nothing he could do but let it wear away. Prior to todays visit I had read on Realself it was possible to inject hyaluronidase. He said he didn't have any and would have to order and could inject me next week. My question is should I trust him considering he messed up the first time and didn't even suggest the hyaluronidase shot?


Be very careful ! I am now 4 days after treatment with Juvederm. My lower face remains very brused and swolen and today I can see about 14 small white lumps ...developing I cannot leave the house because I look soo bad and people have asked if I have been involved in a bad accident. I sincerely hope that my appearance will improve and plan to speak to my doctor tomorrow. If anyone out there had some advice I would rally appreciate it.
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