I Still Have Discoloration After 6 Months

I had lipodissolve on my tummy,love handles, inner...

I had lipodissolve on my tummy,love handles, inner & outter thighs. It was extremely painful. I do have positive results in all areas. My last treatment was in October, I still have tons of nodulars on my outter thighs and lots of skin discoloration...does anyone know if this will go away. Are there any remedies for this?

I did drink alot of water. My doctor didn't tell me about massaging. The 2nd doctor I met with told me about doing the massages. It did help tremdously but I still have one lump I can't get rid of. Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you!
I've had my flanks, inner and outer thighs done. If you put a heating pad on the area where the fat lumps are and then do a deep massage, it breaks the fat lumps down and into your lymph nods. I do it religiously after about a week after treatment almost daily until the fat lumps are gone. I've been extremely satisfied with the treatment and see huge results!! You did need to drink plenty of water to flush the fat from your system - Very Important!!
He just says I'm still processing....7 months later! I need to do something but I don't know where to go or what to do.

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