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I had 5 sessions of the lightsheer laser at my...

I had 5 sessions of the lightsheer laser at my dermatologists office. It was a little painful and left my face quite red and a little swollen each time. It always cleared up by the next day so I could cover it up with makeup.

I have not recieved any reduction in my facial hair. I had my cheeks, chin, upperlip and side burns treated each time. I still have to shave my face everyday. To me it didn't work and I am disappointed. I desperately want to get rid of my facial hair.


Hey Brooke123, Do you have thin or thick hair in your face? Are they dark? The hairs that are light and thinner are the most difficult ones to reduce permanently. If your facial hair is dark, I would recommend that you find a new doctor and MAKE SURE that they are using the "lightsheer" laser machine. The reason why I say that is because while I was in the US, I had a 4 sessions of "laser" to "remove body and facial hair" on my upper lip and absolutely nothing happened... it was just a waste of a lot of money. Now I am in Brazil and had ONE session with lightsheer conducted by a very good doctor (graduated in Aesthetic Medicine) and it REALLY made a difference already. My doctor recommended two more sessions just to finish things up and told me I may need to have one session a year just for maintenance. Good luck!
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Brooke 123, I agree with Bellissima_10. I have been doing laser hair removal procedures for 7 years with a lightsheer and would not use anything else. I can tell my patients what to expect in virtually every situation. True, not everyone is the same but I have rarely been surprised by inadequate results. Find someone who knows how to do the procedure properly and you will be extremely pleased with your results. Don;t give up
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