I Am Still Contemplating the Results of my Fraxel Laser Treatments.

I just finished my 5th and final Fraxel laser...

I just finished my 5th and final Fraxel laser treatment last Friday. I am 58 years old with acne scarring consisting of pits on my lower cheeks. I also have lines above my lips. The treatments were fairly painful, but not bad with a Valium. My face was very red for about a week, then a lot of flaking. It looks better, especially around my eyes, although some scarring is still visible and the lines are still above my lips. I am going to have Botox tomorrow and and am considering Juvederm. They say it takes 6 months for the Fraxel to achieve maximum results. The Botox will make the results look better, but I am unable to be patient and cannot resist going ahead with it.

Hi, I'm a GA girl too! So...overall would you say it was worth the money?? I just had my 1st treatment almost a week ago for acne scarring! My face actually looked smoother when I was very swollen the 1st couple of days but now it looks back to normal and I've broken out in tiny bumps which I was warned about. I'm hoping they will clear up soon and that I will see improvements in future treatments which I was told I'd need 4-5. It's a lot of money and I hope I see at least a 50% improvement!
Dr. Paula Legere

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