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Male, 23, did smart lipo today (9 July) on chest...

Male, 23, did smart lipo today (9 July) on chest and flanks. Pain is not that bad. Draining a good amount so changing gauze every 30 minutes. The procedure did not hurt at all, more of a mental anguish knowing that the instrument is ripping through you fiberous tissue. I can walk around with no problem after surgery.

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Extremely efficient and board certified professional. Nursing staff is curteous and help you along the way.

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Actually to really make a final judgement you have to wait about 7 months after lipo. It takes awhile for the skin to reattach to the muscle and shrink to the new shrunken size. Each month just a little bit more progress.
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Glad you're doing okay. Can't wait to see pics of the final result!

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I am about 18 days post-op and am feeling fine pain-wise. I will take the garment off in about 5-8 days. I feel tender and a small amount of pain in the treated areas but nothing that isn't tolerable. I am more than pleased with the results of the flank but a little worried about the chest. The doctor said that it takes longer for male breasts to heal so I will have to wait about a month or so before I can make a final judgement. Will post pictures soon.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with SmartLipo. How are you feeling now?

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