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Mixto Treatment Not by the Doctor - Sterling Heights, MI

The laser was not even close to my eyes or mouth...

The laser was not even close to my eyes or mouth (2 areas of concern), but the worst part was the doctor did not even preform it, one of the ladies who normally do my facials! Is that possible? You do not have to be a doctor? After the treatment I asked why she did not get around my eyes or mouth and she said she will try to get closer next time. Do I really want HER to?



Some doctors get free use of Mixto lasers to test them in actual practice. Then they have the unmitigated gall to pass you off to a nurse who performs the procedure, for which the doctor may charge $1000-$2000. What a racket. The nurse probably earns $30 an hour.
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Hi New Baltimore,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. If you go in again are you going to ask that the doctor goes around your eyes and mouth? Please keep us updated.



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Still not good. I wasted my money and time.

Still not good. I wasted my money and time.


It's very tough to sue a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Not liking the results gets you nowhere in court. You have to demonstrate medical negligence.
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Nearly four months after my Mixto disaster I am still dealing with painful, itchy blisters all over the right side of my face. I am really starting to think about legal action.
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May I ask the name of the clinic? I am considering having this done at a clinic in Sterling Heights. Thank You!
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The doctor did not preform the Mixto treatment

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