Want to Remove Radiesse from my Face (Cheeks and Nasal Line)

I just got Radiesse in my cheeks and Nasal line....

I just got Radiesse in my cheeks and Nasal line. Its been 4 weeks. 1st was real swollen and now my high cheek bone looks higher, I can make out that this is not me. People I have noticed and say " something wrong with your face" This is not what I wanted to hear.

I think Doctor injected too much of this. This is my second time taking it. Now I look like all puffed up. Why is that Doctor do not know how much to inject? I just wanted little under my scars not something to fill in my cheeks which make me face look fat.

IS this reversible? Anything I can apply for it to dissolve?


updating on Radiesse..
Its worth if only your Dr. knows how much to inject. always go with less if you need more, you can go back again. the swelling did go down after 1 and half month. Never take Radiesse in your lips..
I some how like juvederm or restlane better.
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Hi Gees, How is your face now, 3 years later? Did the filler eventually wear off? I made the mistake of getting radiesse in my cheeks 2 weeks ago and I am having the same problem. I just look fatter. Brutal. I hope that it gets somewhat better after 1.5 months like yours did. Thanks for sharing your story. Vanessa
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to dissolve this product. Your practitioner should have explained this to you. It can stay in your face for 1-2 years. There is no dissolution of this product except time.
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YOU must do extensive research before you go to any doctor.

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