Stay Clear of the RESTYLIFT

I am in my md forties and have just begu n to show...

I am in my md forties and have just begu n to show signs of aging.  I had slight droppy eye lids and 1 frown line between my brows. thses really bother me but I really didn't want to have surgery yet. I thought about thermage and thread lift, but both options seem like a wate of money to me.  I did have botox twice for my frown ,line  and both times it didnot work.  I was told that was impossiblt that the doctor must have water it down, whatever.  through much reserach I thought I found the answer, it was on the news, Restlift.  I went to a so called prominent Doctor in N.Y. He assured me it would work and was not painful.  I told him I was also considering liposuction on my belly and love handles he said he could inject me ther too and it would melt the fat away. They  would be a series of shots.  My face stay lumpy and after the swelling settled not much difference.  My belly was HORRIBLE PAIN for over 3 weeks. That was just after one treatment. It didn't melt any fat just swelled me up for awhile. Some parts of my  new lumpy face lasted for more than others. it cast over 5,000.00. What a painful rip-off!!! My fr own line is still here and so is my belly fat, I've yet to find a credible doctor and product!
A Restylift does not cost $500. $3500-$5000 is the right amount to pay. Your belly has nothing to do with a Restylift so is immaterial to this review. Done properly a Restylift is nothing less than miraculous. Sorry you had difficulty with your procedure. Next time, shop for a doctor not a price.
I feel for your situation. Since you mentioned NYC I have to share, that I found two doctors in the NJ area that are WONDERFUL. Dr. Eric Joseph in W.Orange is a silikon injection artist--very skilled with this product and also botox and with his skill can/will remove 10-15 years off your face with very little discomfort and cost. Mine cost under $1500. A doctor in Voorhees NJ is very skilled with a new type of lipo--smart lipo and can take what looks like at least 10-15 of bulge from your belly. It won't be that much ACTUAL WEIGHT, but the fat she can remove with her technique can make you look like you lost 15-20 lbs in that midsection. Her name is Dr. Victoria Falcone and her procedure will cost in the area of $5000-$6000 but will give you an excellent result. She also is very skilled. Both of these doctors have wonderful webpages displaying their before and after work. Do yourself a favor and check them out. I know that it is depressing to have already spent so much money and not had a good result and I wanted to share that these two doctors are very reputable and skilled and would certainly not be a waste of money if you were to consider surgery one more time. Check their websites. I know you will be impressed! I am not getting any money or referral perks for offering this information nor am I a personal friend or relative of theirs.
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