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Im 45 yr old..i was scared for so many years to...

im 45 yr old..i was scared for so many years to have lipo done on my stomach, flanks inner thighs and sculting of my smal butt!..i finally made the appointment and went throught with the procedure in staten island with dr, vitolo...and i did not experience hardly any pain what so ever! i didnt even need a single asprin after the surgery! i had 4 areas done and im 4 months into healing..still a little numb but happy to get rid of my bulky mid section and the other areas..i can now wear clothes more comfortably! i dont understand the horror people post on here of the terrible pain..if you pick a good doctor that has experience and good reputation there shouldnt be any experience was so much easier then i could ever imagined and i would have done it 20 years earlier if i knew how simple of a procedure it was as my regular m.d. and my gyn dont be afraid and make yourselves beatiful!
I'm thinking about having a liposuction done on my inner & outer thighs, butt (smaller) and mid section stomach. So far, I have seen one doctor and few more appointments with other doctors this month. I would like to have it done in September or October. I am alittle nervous about having it done because I do not want to gain back weight in the same area again but the assure me that that's not going happen...the weight gain will happen in other area of my body. I agree about the finding doctors that have experience. My question to you? Do you have any pics of yourself before and after? How do you feel about yourself now? Where you active before the procedure?
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easy going..pleasant mild...years and years of experience!

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