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Just Started Latisse Today and Was Wondering...

I just started using Latisse today and although...

I just started using Latisse today and although the directions say to apply it once a day at night I was wondering if I were to apply it twice a day would it make my lashes grow twice as fast? Like would I see 16 week results in 1/2 the time if I were to apply it twice a day?


No, don't apply it more than once a day. It won't make your eyelashes grow faster, it'll just make your eyes more irritated and the side effects will just be worse. Just be patient and apply once a night! I just started, it's been almost a week. I got my Rx from my dermatologist and got mine dispensed from there too.
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I've always had very short and thin eyelashes and I also suffer from OCD so when I'm not bitting my nails I'm picking and pulling out my lashes which is why I started getting extensions. At my last eye exam my Doctor recommended that I consider Latisse since it will help my lashes grow back and I'll be much happier since they're my own so I decided why not and went ahead with it.

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