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Start with Something That Goes Away, then Get Radiesse

I recently had a browlift and eyelid surgery. My...

I recently had a browlift and eyelid surgery. My doctor suggested I also put some Radiesse in my nasolabial folds (the lines from my nose to mouth). I said OK without really thinking about it--money is not an issue, so what the hell?

Well, I didn't really have deep lines there; they didn't even bother me at all. NOW, I have chipmunk cheeks!

Sometimes, I get depressed; other times, I think, maybe it looks better--I can't decide. My point is, I wish the doc would have used something that lasts three months. Then, if I liked it, I could have done the Radiesse. Now, I just have to live with it for a year. Do something that goes away first; then do the long-lasting Radiesse if you like the look.

I will say, it's soft and smooth--seems like a decent product.


Lady I is it possible it migrates? I have had that happen, don't even know what was injected! Also one fear I have: does anyone know if one side can go down before the other? I mean symmetry is so very important and already one eye of mine is higher than the other...all I want is to be "even!"
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hello i also got chipmunk cheeks only on the right side from n/a radiesse injections its been 5 weeks and my face still hasnt went down. the other side is normal and that side is swollen i think the doc injected my cheek instead of n/a has your cheek area improved
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After doing some research, it seems the "gel" part of the Radiesse goes away in about three months and the powder stuff, or whatever, stays...but the overall effect is more subtle.
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