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Had restylane injected under my eyes, which didn't...

Had restylane injected under my eyes, which didn't need a whole syringe. However, he did & the results were devasting to me. After 2wks I returned with huge bags under my eyes & he tried to dissolve it but it didn't. After 2wks passed I tried to go back for another several injections to remove but he was on vacation. I went to another occularplastic surgeon & paid for them to inject more hyaluronidase to help dissolve. It helped a little but its now 4mo's and I still have bags under my eyes from the filler. I have NEVER had bags under my eyes in my life. My eyes look terrible and I pray they go back to normal soon. The end result is that the doctor used way way too much filler.
I'm sorry you are dealing with this!  Did the Oculoplastic Surgeon recommed anything else that could help?
Hi, no he didn't recommend anything. When I went back after 2wks and he injected the Hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler, he took photos and then proceeded to try to dissolve and was very rough with injecting the dissolving material, it hurt! And I can take alot of pain. He acted like it wasn't his fault that he over filled my eyes. He actually said that maybe my eyes had an issue. Which was absolutely untrue because he was injecting my upper eyelids for over 2 years now. No apologies not even an offer of a credit to put toward a facial or something. I was very upset and still am not myself. I still have bags, some days larger than others. And I know I am not allergic to restylane because of my upper eyes being filled. There was one time he added too much to my upper lid area and managed to disolve it. I feel he just didn't take enough time when injecting. He seemed rushed & too quick to stick and that is such a thin small fragile area. It should be done slowly and more precisely. He even filled my tear trough areas, much more on my right eye. which never should have never been filled. my small amount of hollow area was toward the outer part of my eye. I even commented before he started that the crow's feet area was what needed alittle something to smooth out. Besides I do get Botox from another Doctor for that area so my eyes weren't really bad at all. I've been more depressed than ever. Especially when my other Doctor agreed that for my eyes only very little filler was needed. I really like Dr. K but I just don't understand how he did this and didn't admit to it. My feelings and self esteem have been hurt terribly. And before this, I truly have referred alot of friends & family to him. No more!
I'm so sorry you feel so down, I hope you find support in the community.
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