A Year Later and the Fat is Back

I had the smart lipo done Januray 2009. At first I...

I had the smart lipo done Januray 2009. At first I was amazed that the little bit of fat the surrounds the belly button was GONE! Everything flat and smooth! Here we are a year later and it is back, fat around the belly button, love handle are still gone but don't seem as firm of skin as before.

I work out vigorously and eat nothing but healthy, haven't gained a pound, but I want to know why it hasn't stayed true. The Med spa I went to closed last summer and I can't find the doc or nurses....and why would they want to help now?

wow that makes me sad becuase i go get mine surgery done April 9, 2010 i think you should try a touch up, i know thts more money but just think how happy it will make you.

wow thats scary! Did you have smart lipo or lipodissolve? Thats what worries me about smart lipo is that its so new and people dont know too much about the long term effects and results. Its weird that you had such good results and it came back after you were taking care of yourself. I was told it is harder for the area treated to gain back the fat since alot of the fat cells are destroyed. The fact that you cant find the doctor that did your procedure is fishy. Maybe they were not board certified and didnt know what they were doing and went to a new area because of too many complaints. I would definitely go see a board certified doctor and see what they say. Also report your doctor to the state board so they do not keep taking peoples money.

I had smart lipo. I am sooo angry I cannot express the frustration. I actually did research and found that the med spa I went to has moved. They are in Kansas City. I emailed them, explaining what I had done and by whom and asked if there was anything taht could be done. The dr that did it is still with them it looks like. Reflections body solutions. Dr. Chamdon I don't know if I'd have it done again or what I want from them, but I do know that I WANT THE RESULTS that I was supposed to get.
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I got a quick look "wow you heal extremely fast, everything looks good"...Good bye.

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