Tummy Tuck with Ovary Removal 2/16/11 - St. Louis, MO

I have recently lost 70 pounds and was planning on...

I have recently lost 70 pounds and was planning on losing a bit more, but have to have surgery to remove a benign growth on my ovary and have decided to have the tummy tuck now.

It is scheduled for next week, 2/16. I am really...

It is scheduled for next week, 2/16. I am really excited, but scared. Has anyone ever had two procedures at once? I would love to hear from you!!!

Well, the evening has come.....I'm scared!!! Gog...

Well, the evening has come.....I'm scared!!!
Gog to be at the hospital tomorrow at 5:30. Wish me well. I'll post pictures later.....
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I'm in the same boat and waiting for a date!!!! pLEASE UPDATE US!
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Hope u are doing OK and recovering well
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Hope all is well with you, and a speedy recovery as well. Keep us posted ok. Big Hugs...
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Good luck today...
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I live in St. Louis also and 12 days ago i had a full tt with abdominal repair and lots of lipo.

Good luck tomorrow and you will do just fine. this is the beginning of the new you!

Keep us updated!!!
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I had the surgery and everything went fine. The best part was finding out that, number one, it wasn't cancer, and number two, they couldn't find anything on the ovary as the ultrasound depicted, so they just left everything intact. I was planning on having the tummy tuck after I lost another 20 pounds, but since I needed surgery I decided to go ahead and have it done now. I had lipo of the flanks and the abdomen. Doctor said he took off six pounds. I had Dr. Copeland. When does the burning go away? That about takes my breath away everytime I stand up. Other than that it is mostly just a little uncomfortable. I have been doing a lot of little walks hoping it will heal me faster. Hope things are going well for you. How are you feeling now? Thanks.
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Welcome to RealSelf Cindy!

Your day is coming up quickly and I bet you are getting excited. 

Congratulations on the weight loss; that is wonderful.  I know you worked hard at that one.  I have also lost 70 pounds and know that it feels great.

My two procedures were the lipo and tummy tuck together.  My  ovaries came out years ago.

Keep us up to date on your procedures and let us know how you are doing.
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