do not get fraxel repair - St. Louis, MO

Horrible result. I regret it everyday. I had great...

Horrible result. I regret it everyday. I had great recovery and thought I would love results, but after 4 months my result was worse than when I started with crepey skin under eyes and I was left with hyperpidmentation I did not have that has not responded to tri-luma or hydroquinone or renova or oracea. It aged that area around my eyes I had treated, the rest of my skn is fine. My doctor calls the hyperpigmented area that was treated - melasma- although not there prior to treatment or anywhere else on my face. I really feel cheated and misled bc I trusted him and after having this done found that he had scarred other patients with this treatment prior to recommending it to me. I really hope I can dissuade anyone else from this choice.

Did you have your entire face done or just your eyes? I had my entire face done - I really hit the jackpot with the enlarged pores, overall loss of elasticity but especially around my eyes and the brownish undereye rings. I am at 6 months and hope to see some improvement; however, I am already looking for the best ps eye surgeon to correct my eyes.
I only had my eyes done and there is a vast discrepancy in elasticity of the area treated, now horribly crepey and dry, vs the areas not treated. Where do you live? I am thinking of consulting with an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon. I hope more people become aware of how damaging this laser is. Good luck
From your previous posts, I am assuming you are close to 2 years out? I look as though I have two black eyes. Another poster said it took up to a year to fade but that does not seem to be your case. BTW: this is not limited to darker skin types as I have fairly light skin.
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