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Face & Neck Lift - I Am 58 and People Think I'm 40

I am so happy with my face & neck lift.I am 58...

I am so happy with my face & neck lift.I am 58 and some say I look 40.My 9 year old Grandson is often called my Son.I had it done 14 months ago.

I had never been to Dr.N but I found him online looking for someone who had an operating room in his office.I didn't want to go to the hospital for many reasons.Then I checked him out with EVERY agency.His credentials were the BEST.Then I went to see him.Then I was more impressed.He is not pushy at all and told me the honest truth.

The surgery did not hurt at all and he does not put you under.That was another thing I did not want-to be put under.It took about 4 hours and I was not aware of any of it.He gave me a couple of pills and I didn't even see the operating room.My husband said it was amazing.

After the surgery,I won't lie,it hurt.But nothing I couldn't handle.I was back at my office in less than 1 week.I work for myself and could take it easy.Wouldn't suggest going back that soon for most folks.

I don't look tired anymore.I get compliments galore.My Dr. did not overdo it-it is PERFECT.

My Dr. was there for me too.I didn't have to call a service to ask about something.This man is available.He gave me his cell & home number in case I needed it.He sees you often and it is all included in the cost.I trusted him and you should trust the person you let cut on any part of your body.I would recommend him to anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves.

Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is the best.He has the credentials and I have checked him out with every agency.I am living proof.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad you are happy!
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I was doing research on a doctor in Indy but have seen so many compliments on your surgeon on this site. I want to do this so much, but am so nervous about looking fake and "stretchy." You don't have complaints? Can strangers tell you have had anything done?
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It's not almost 21 weeks since my neck lift and I still have the same issue going on with the nerves under my chin and along my jaw line. The anti depressant helps but I still have days where it's really bad. Today was one of them. it's always worse on the weekends. There still seems to be inflamation along my jawline and below. I put some concealer along the jaw line to hide what still looks like slight bruising. I'm very concerned that it will be this way forever. Wishing I had never done this.
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You look great. Did you have any complications such as numbness on the sides of your face? I am six weeks post-op and still have a lot of numbness although my smile is not effected. Did you get swelling and tightness on your neck. I feel one side is pulled tighter than the other and I can't tilt my neck back like I used to be able to do. I'm praying that this resolves soon because it's getting to be too much to handle. I have a stressful job and life in general and having this issue with my neck is causing me a lot of anxiety. Everyone says it takes time to heal but I just wish someone could assure me that one day I will be able to move my neck without this tugging. I feel like a need an estra inch of skin and ligaments, muscle whatever it takes to get back the movement I require to tilt back my neck. I'd take back my old neck to be able to move freely again.
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ParisGirl, Is your tightness and numbness any better? I had a lower facelift with neck, upper and lower lids and had cheek implants inserted 5 weeks ago. I know what you mean. The left side in front of my ear hurts so I need to take medications still. And when applying eyeliner, my upper eyelid is numb compared to my left. Also, due to the implants, my cheekbone area on the left side is still swollen, where the right side is fine (it's like the right side of my face is healing faster than the left side). I just saw my surgeon today and he said it will take time for the swelling to go down. I talked to the nurse about pain on the left side, but should have mentioned it to the doctor. As I enjoy exercising, he told me a couple weeks ago I can start doing step classes (high impact) again and today he told me I can start doing yoga, but am afraid to do upside down-type poses, downward dog, triangle, etc., because of the swelling by my cheekbone. Hope you're doing better now that you're 2-1/2 months post op.
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Wish I could say I was doing better. Tomorrow will be 13 weeks post op. I have some kind of thing going on with the nerves under my chin and along my jaw line and it's worse on the right side. The right side of the lower face lift seems as if it is tighter then the left side. The left side healed better. The nerve sensations and pain were so bad that I was put on an anti-depressant but I can only take half a pill a day because the medicine makes me feel funny. I think it helps a little but it doesn't take it all away. This weekend it was really bad. I am always worrying that it will never stop but the doctor said it's still healing, however, he did say that this type of pain I have is not typical. I have no idea why me. I don't smoke and live a healthy lifestyle. I've always been a good healer. I feel this tugging under my jaw line by the right side of my lips as if something was pulling it downward. I think it's the swelling. The swelling will not go away and the doctor said there is no medication to make it do so. It just takes time to heal. He said it takes six months to heal. I pray that it one day lets up and I go back to normal. If this doesn't start getting better soon I'm going to get a second opinion. I know one thing, I would never have done this had I known this would happen. It feels like acid is on the edge of my face. I wish I would have just been able to handle the aging process better. That was way easier than handling this feeling. Live and learn.
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You look absolutely amazing ! I just wish i was,nt so far away ,because i would jump at the chance to see this great doctor.
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I agree. He's great!
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You look wonderful!!! How long did it take for you to see any improvement? It's been 9 weeks for me and and I'm finally seeing marked improvement.
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