Possible Deflation and Capsular Contracture???? Help Please!

I was a 32B and went to a 32D. Everything went...

I was a 32B and went to a 32D. Everything went perfect up until about 3+ months ago when i noticed a look of deflation in one breast and firming of my opposite breast. I now feel horrible about the way i look.

I got the surgery to feel better about myself and to fill out my clothes better (being a VERY petite girl) and I feel it has done so until now. I can live with the firmness of the left breast but not the loss of cleavage/size in the right. Very depressing :(

This march will mark the one year anniversary of when i got saline breast implants. Over the last 3+ months i have noticed my right breast not filling out the right side of my bra as well as the left and my left breast appears to be getting firmer. I also feel like i have lost the appearance of cleavage on the right side. I used to fill my bras out but now i feel like i'm "shrinking." Could i have a possible VERY slow leak in the right breast and capsular contracture starting in the left? I have been extremely depressed about the fact that my right breast is noticeably smaller and i cannot afford to go through another surgery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I think my procedure just has complications, but i trust he is an excellent surgeon

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I know a lot of us are unsure about silicone,But Im going to take my chances with it again.The saline feel uncomfortable,hard and I am always worrying about leakage happening again.I have to pay again anyway so I think silicone will be a better choice.I am confident they are made safer now.(JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT LADIES) Take care and explore your options!
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It amazing how similiar our situations are. I had my breast done about 6 months ago... Saline implants, under the muscle that took me from a 34 B to a 34 D. About a week ago I noticed that my right breast also appears to have lost some volume and my left breast seems to be larger and alot more firm. I have yet to determine if my right breast has dropped thus giving the appearence of a smaller breast or if it had actually started to leak. I'm gonna continue to massage my breast and take pictures and measuements weekly to compare. Just know that you are not alone and that your breast may continue to change for the better. Best Wishes... and keep us posted as to how things work out for you.
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Thanks for sharing, makes me feel better that im not having some bizarre issue! Since i last posted my right breast seems slightly smaller but not THAT noticeable (left has not changed).I put on a plain colored shirt the other day that was snug and I noticed some definite size difference. I have an appointment next week to see my surgeon which hopefully will give me some answers. I think if i do undergo another surgery, I will maybe get silicone. I was not of age to get saline and now i am so it may be the better option. It's the financial part that kills me...i JUST paid off my surgery last month and I would hate to have to finance it all over again.
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I know how you feel.I just want to get what I want and have it done and over.I know you don't want to make another bill, but 5 and 6 thousand dollars is a lot of cash to kick out.I just want it done and I truly do not want to take my breast drama into the summer (Smiles). Keep us posted now!!!!!
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I am not a doctor,but I did have a slow leak.It actually got smaller over several months and eventually flat.Have it looked at by your surgeon.It should be under warranty for rupture.As far as financial,my husband got care credit in his name for my revision surgery.It is not hard getting approved through care credit and the monthly payments are low.It shouldn't cost that much money to get one breast repaired,and maybe your surgeon will work with you on the fees,especially if the implant is broken so soon.Try to apply for care credit and check your implant warranty.The warranty should reduce surgical fees.
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Did you go to your surgeon at all during the time it was shrinking? Im just curious how they can tell if your deflating w/o a HUGE difference. I would hate for him to say "let's give it a few months and then we'll check" ...i can't live with this. It's all i think about 24/7 and im constantly checking my size. So frustrating! I will definitely look into the finance option you recommended though, thanks!
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