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FotoFacial Was Worth It the Second Time Around

First I went to an MD who did 3 fotofacials on me....

First I went to an MD who did 3 fotofacials on me. I wanted to reduce my pores, fine lines, age spots and a few broken capilaries. It was unsuccessful and showed NO results. Then I went to a Medical Spa. After my first treatment...WOW! A Huge difference!

It was definitely more painful (I would recommend taking something beforehand) than my first experience and my face looked like it had coffee grounds on it. After a week, when it all flaked off, my skin had an incredibly smooth texture and my coloring was even throughout my face. I ended up having 2 more treatments, including one just a few days ago. Besides having a much better machine that was used on me, I also prepped my skin ahead of time. I did 3 chemical peels a couple months before, plus a microderm.

I am completely satisfied with my 2nd experience. It's one of the better things I've spent my money on!

Allie Blazzard

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