Breast Reduction Plus Facelift. - St. Clari Shores, MI

First, the reason I am getting a breast reduction:...

First, the reason I am getting a breast reduction: I have always had large breasts and now they are larger and sag more than ever. I cannot shop for normal size bras. I am very self-conscious about the size of my breasts. I have researched this procedure and have spoken to women who have had this procedure and I always hear positive things about the results. I can't wait!

Second, the reason for the facelift: I have lost over 30 pounds and the first thing I noticed was how great I felt. Yay! The second thing I noticed was my face sagging. I am 48 years old and most people believe I am at least 10 years older. My husband is older than me and many people think I am older than he is!

Having said that, "looking" older is nothing new for me. I have always looked older than my age. This became especially true after I had children. I just lived with it.

Well, I've come to realize that life is short. I want to feel a little better about myself. I want to look a little better. I don't care so much about looking younger, but it would be nice just to look my age and feel good about how I look.
My surgery is about two weeks away. I’ll keep you updated.

Welcome to the community.  This is fantastic that you are able to do this for yourself.  The whole new you is about to emerge:)

Looking forward to following your journey.

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