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So i waited forever to get this bypass and now i...

so i waited forever to get this bypass and now i got it im glad i went thorugh with it. i been a big girl forever since i was a babygirl and i liked some junk in my trunk but this was more like the hole trash can lol. its been 2 years and im finaly at my goal weight. i lost 167 and am now staying at 150-155 and thats good for me. hardest part was wurkin out cause i dont like to wurk out and get sweaty lol but i like being thin. now im at goal i will def need some kind of body lift but i need to save up for that. this surgery was on insurance but i heard they dont pay for the other stuff.

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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. You've done really well to have lost so much weight, congratulations.

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