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Tummy Tuck/Mommy Makeover March 5th, 2012-updated pics

4 weeks until surgery! I am 5'4, 140 pounds, 32...

4 weeks until surgery! I am 5'4, 140 pounds, 32 years old. I lost about 85 pounds and am excited to get rid of this loose skin. I am feeling very anxious and hope I don't back out of the surgery. I have read a lot about post op and would like more information on your experience before/after OP. I have read a lot about recovery and it seems that many people have had swelling.

I put my deposit down today...No turning back! I...

I put my deposit down today...No turning back! I am so excited to have the new me. I am still pretty nervous, but my excitement is taking over the nervousness. I have started my countdown! I wish it could be here tomorrow! It is going to be so amazing when I can wear a bikini and look good. Or wear jeans and not have a muffin top or side fat due to excess skin. Good butterfly's in my stomach! LOL
Its so hard to wait I know but so worth it in the end! Don't be nervous, arming yourself with the knowledge that Realself provides is one of the best things you can do. :)
Thank you for your comment. All comments help! I am counting down the days, I am 25 days away to a new body!

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I have now decided that I want to go for it all! ...

I have now decided that I want to go for it all! I am wanting to get the mommy make-over. I have my consultation this Wednesday to find out about cost. I hope it is around the price that I think it will be. I am so excited and will keep you updated!

So tomorrow is my consultation to find out what...

So tomorrow is my consultation to find out what exact surgery I will have done. I am also putting my money down tomorrow as well... I have been so excited about this that I haven't been nervous... But now as the time comes closer I am getting nervous... That's why I'm paying for it all tomorrow so I can't back out!
Wish me strength:)

I have been to my consultation. I have scheduled...

I have been to my consultation. I have scheduled surgery for March 5th. I am the 4th person going in, so it will be later in the afternoon. I am having breast implants, lipo on the flanks, and extended tummy tuck and a little bit of lipo on my back. I am very very pleased. My doctor was very thorough on the surgery and I feel 100% confident in him and in his care. I am still nervous of course, but more excited than anything. I just hope that I am not expecting too much out of the surgery.
Good luck to you!! I started to read this thinking you already had this done last year! Lol ! ^^^2012
That is a disappointment! LOL, I have done the same thing. I will be post before/after pics. I know this will help all the people in the future thinking about getting it, once they see nothing to it.

Ok, So I am now 15 days out! It seems like I was...

Ok, So I am now 15 days out! It seems like I was so excited when I went to my consultation two weeks ago, I was ready to go into surgery that day...I am getting a little nervous now, but I am not going to back out! Bring it on March 5th! My advice to anybody is to find someone on here that lives close to you, that has the same date, and that has been through it and still active. It has been a great comfort to talk to someone who just went through this and know about the recovery. Also, when I start to get nervous I go through the before and after pics and it helps me keep an eye on the end goal!
Good luck and please post pics :-)
Thanks! My big day is March 5th! I will post pre/post op pics. I just am too embarrassed to post the before pics...Until people see the after pics. LOL!!!!

Alright, just got off the phone for my...

Alright, just got off the phone for my pre-admission. I am cleared, paid up and ready to go! It is all so real, only 11 days out now! Every time I walk past my long mirror I pull up my tummy to see what my after is going to look like. At first I thought that since I was getting lipo that I could indulge on the cupcake or eat that pizza. But now since I am a little week out of surgery, I want to eat as healthy as I can so my recovery will be faster and I will be back at more of my normal weight of 130-135. Here we go!!!

Today is Monday and I go in next Tuesday! Some...

Today is Monday and I go in next Tuesday! Some things I have been doing to make my surgery and recovery better. I stopped drinking any alcohol. I will go into surgery with haven't not drank any alcohol for two weeks. I am not sure if this will help, but I still want my system to be detoxed as much as possible!
So my nerves at this point...What a roller coaster of a ride this past month since I scheduled. At first I was very nervous to go into surgery...Then once I had my consultation I was jumping up and down in excitement begging them to schedule me for like the next day! Then at about week 2 I started getting nervous again but about the recovery.
Now three weeks have gone by and I have one week until surgery and I am more concerned about my results and recovery. So if this is what you have been going through I believe it is totally normal.
One thing that I wish I did, was take pictures to my consultation and ask the doctor if he could make me look like this....He told me what he could do for me when I was in consultation, but still wondering about results.
So when I go into surgery I will take these pics with me and tell the doctor when he is marking me up that this is what I want to look like...LOL...I hope that works for us! Hehe.
I will update you the day before my surgery to let you know my feelings then.
I can tell you that I am still so excited and making friends on this site has really helped me through this procedure.
You are going to look Fantastic!!! Glad we are all going to be here for each other :)
Thanks! You are too, it is so nice to have so many great women going through this recovery ALL together!

I am 5 days until surgery! Some things that I...

I am 5 days until surgery! Some things that I have been thinking about that I wish I would have discussed with my doctor during my consultation...What type of anesthesia does he use? I have read stories of doctors using local w/sedation and they were kind of aware of what was going on. Luckily I found out my doctor uses General...So it will be the best sleep I have ever had! Woo Hoo on that one!
Also, I am getting breast implants. I am about 6 days until my cycle begins (I'm like clock work) Well, we decided that the day of the surgery we would decide how many cc's I would want based on pictures. The problem is my breasts grow about a cup size and change in shape before my period....I hope to resolve this issue the day of my surgery...
And another good thing to know is what technique he will be using. I didn't know there were several different techniques. I am getting the Brazilian technique (meaning more lipo all over the ab).
Also, the doctor said that he would give me everything I need before I left the hospital for my recovery. However, I do have someone on hand to run to the pharmacy if there are things I didn't get. Because he didn't tell me everything they gave me.
So since I am 5 days out. I am so excited I can't stand it...Really it has been disrupting my days. All that I can focus on are what I am going to look like afterwards...So I am not being too productive at work this week, however, I am going in for a major surgery so what can really be expected? LOL....
Also, I have been eating terrible and not going to the gym. My thoughts are that I am paying a lot to get lipo and I won't be doing the high intensity exercise for 8 weeks, minimum, so my outlook on food and exercise has changed this past week. However, I am too health conscious to continue this way of thinking after my surgery. I will go back to healthy eating...Vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, whole wheat....You get the picture. 3 months it will be SUMMER and BIKINI time!!!
LOL mine is on the 7th and I have been the same way with eating and not working out. I just ate my weight in Chili's tonight for dinner lol. Gonna try to limit my sodium intake as much as I can these few days before surgery too, well see how well I can do. Like you, Ill be back to my regualr healthy eating after. Only 2 days for you!! Hope everything goes well, will definitely look forward to seeing your post op pics if you upload them : )
Thank you so much...Tomorrow is the day! I won't get home until after 5 tomorrow night. I am going to post a lot of pre/post op pics. I will be looking forward to seeing your post of pics on the 7th!

So tomorrow is my surgery! How I have been...

So tomorrow is my surgery! How I have been waiting for this day for so long. Yesterday went by soooo slow! Today has been going by pretty fast and I have a good TV line up on tonight. I am nervous. I keep thinking that surgeries are performed all the time. And I am going in for TT, lipo and BA. It could be a lot worse, like open heart surgery. I have the cards stacked on my side with my age and my health. I don't think I could have gone through with this without this website. I have made friends on this, and it is such a comfort knowing that everybody on here is or has gone through the same thing that I am at this point. I am getting all my laundry done and have done grocery shopping, etc...so for the next week I have everything prepared or people lined up to help me. Im not sure if I will feel like making a posting the day of my surgery. But I will be putting up before/after pics within a few days of my surgery.
Pharma how are you doing? Been thinking about you!
Thank you all for your thoughts! I have been in pain because all the doctor prescribed was 10 mg of vicoden. With Lipo, TT amd BA under muscle needed more. Got Percocet this morning and feeling great! I will put up pics I'm the next few days. And update my surgery journey... It wasn't bad.
gosh glad you got some better meds, and glad your feeling better. Looking forward to it! Rest up :)

DAY OF SURGERY!!! march 5th. I am post op day 2...

DAY OF SURGERY!!! march 5th. I am post op day 2 now. This was my experience. I arrived at the surgery center at 9:30 and my surgery was scheduled for 11:30. As soon as I got there they took me back into the Pre-op room. The staff was great! I had my sister and my mom with me. I changed all into the hospital gown, they put inflatable compression garmets on my legs to keep circulation going. They started an antibiotic IV and saline. Took my blood pressure and my heart rate. I didn't get any sedation until 2 min before taking me into the OR. They said it would hit in about 30-60 seconds. It relaxed me a little but I was still very aware of what was going on when they were taking me to the OR. They told me before going into the OR that they weren't going to put me to sleep until after I switched to the OR table. I don't remember that. I remember them taking me in the OR and nothing after that. I woke up in recovery, I was a little confused but the first words I heard was " your so skinny". So then it all came back as to where I was! They took the oxygen mask off, gave me some applesauce, brought my family in, went over instructions and then I was off to home! Got home needed help to get in bed and went to sleep.

So now post op day 2. I had an extended TT,BA...

So now post op day 2. I had an extended TT,BA under the muscle 480 cc, Lipo on hips, back, abdomen 2000 cc of fat extracted. Surgery time was 4 hours.
So the doctor prescribed me Norco 10 mg every 4 hrs. It didn't touch the pain. So I requested something else. They have me Percocet 10 mg every 4 hours. Once I got the pain under control with the Percocet I took it every 4 hours and have been comfortable since. The items that I am so glad I have are bendy straws!
As for getting up on my own day 2 I have been able to kind of wiggle myself up. The biggest ache for me is really these implants. If I didn't have them I bet I could get up and down just fine. And probably wouldn't even need pain pills. No bowel movement yet. Will keep you posted. I will post pics when I can stand up.
I hope you are getting good care and sleep!
Thank you! I have had the best care and it hasn't been too difficult to sleep once I got on the right pain medications. I will put up pics soon. I can already see a big difference bit still a lot of swelling to go.
Hope all is going well for you! :)

So today is PO day 3. Some normal things I have...

So today is PO day 3. Some normal things I have had going on but questioned... I had some blood clots and tissue in my drains, it is totally normal to have some of this. I am still draining 100 cc Atleast a day. I am still very swollen. The second thing is that when i try to get up there was a burning and pinch at my incision. I found out that when I took my CG off there is a some tape there that was pulling at my incision. But my doctor also said it could be nerve damage. I am watching it to make sure it isn't an infection that needs to be drained or treated.
The one tlhing they didn't tell me in the hospital is that you have to strip the drains daily to remove any clotting in them. Take the tubing between your thumb and four finger and tightly compress it as you move your hand from top to bottom.
Thanks for the tip. They didn't tell me that either.
The clotting is normal. It is not from the wound but rather accumulating and drying up in the tube. Take your fingers and squeeze and glide across the tube to push it all in the drain so the tube is clear and draining better. Be careful not to tug on the tube or you will pull it out. As far as the incision goes are you on a strong antibiotic? I would think it would be too soon to be developing an infection especially if you are on an antibiotic. When is your next checkup?

Today is PO day 4. Remind you I had Lipo, TT and...

Today is PO day 4. Remind you I had Lipo, TT and implants. My stomach feels so weird. It is pretty numb and makes noises. Sometimes I can stand up straight and sometimes it hurts my incision to stand up straight. I have posted pics. My stomach is pretty flat, but looks thick to me. I am pretty sure this is the swelling as it is only PO day 4. My hips sitting down look big to me too. But I have to remember that I won't see my results for a long while! I am pleased and excited to see what it looks like in a few weeks.
I had saline implants and I seriously think I can feel the saline moving around in my left boob. It is the weirdest feeling ever. My stomach as feels squashy but hard, flabby but tight, numb but warm... Some very unusual feelings going on in my stomach and breast area. I think they are all normal. I'm draining about 25 cc in the past 6 hrs. I have been up moving around just little bit. The people who can get up and do laundry, go grocery shopping etc... I don't see how they do it! I am hoping I'm moving enough to not get blood clots. But I still need help showering and gettin my CG back on.

I was just thinking that I'm on PO 4 and the...

I was just thinking that I'm on PO 4 and the extended TT and Lipo have been a breeze. And there is really no reason I should have ever been scarred to get this. The scariest part is making sure the doctor can do what you want him to do. I had implants under the muscle in this surgery too and that is what has caused me pain. As long as I stay on top of my meds I don't have pain. Since I had them put under the muscle and try to get up, I use those muscles and it hurts. And also I have extremely sensitive nipples and especially around my period... Well I started my period 2 day post op, so a lot of my sensitivity in the nipple is from my own sensitivities... My stomach has been making the weirdest sounds all day today. It sounds like a tunnel! And echoes! Lol.
You look fantastic!!! I hope I have results that good..We are similar in stats I'm 5'4 142 lbs and I've lost 70 lbs. Happy healing to you!
You will get the results! We are at a good size to have this done. I'm excited to see your results:-)
You look good! I'm scheduled for my TT w/Lipo and BA this Tuesday!!!! I am sooo scared. Please post more pics when you are able to - I will be following your progress. Speedy recovery :)

PO day 5. So the swelling is worse today than it...

PO day 5. So the swelling is worse today than it was yesterday. One thing that I hope you get from my story is that you will not see your true results for 2-3 mths. I posted pics PO day 4 so you can see how much swelling goes on. They took out 6 pds of fat, but my scales say I way 1 pd more thank I did the day of surgery. So this is how much water is retained and every day fluctuates. I'm heating a very healthy diet, and eating less than normal so my weight isn't a reflection of my diet. And also about 2 weeks before my surgery I had so much anxiety I was eating EVERYTHING I could get my hands on... So really I should be losing weight now with eatin healthy. Some people think that this surgery has a hard recovery. I think it is pretty easy so far.... As long as you stay on meds and take as directed and relax. I think the hard part is going to be in a few weeks too going to work swollen:(. Hope swelling g goes down before that.
You look great. I had mommy makeover...full TT and an Implant exchange to a smaller perkier implant and a lift. I feel pretty damn good. Much better than I even expected :) the only thing that is bothersome is the gassy tummy. I did manage to have a couple of BM's so I feel much better. I also showered this morn. I went and did it by myself and I got scolded from my mom and hubby but that's how good I feel. I'm glad you are doing well 2 ;)
Yes, my tummy has made more weird noises these past 5 days than ever before!
Pharma - Thanks for the update. BTW, what are some of the "healthy" foods that you are now eating? What are some things that you ate immediately after your surgery? I think that's going to be one of the most challenging things to revamp in my life. I want to cut back on foods with sodium but the more I look into it the more I realize how much sodium is in food! It's crazy.

PO day 6-I have been taking Percocet every 4 hrs,...

PO day 6-I have been taking Percocet every 4 hrs, and they were needed! Today I am starting on ibuprofen. When I'm not on Percocet I have a lot of pain on my back from Lipo and from my BA. I really haven't had much pain in my abdomen. I did wake up in the middle of the night with severe burning pain. Today I talked to my doctors office and they said that this burning is normal from all the procedures I had done. They said that each day will get better and I can already feel a difference from yesterday. So I'm convinced! I am also very mobile and can stand up straight. I can get a lot of house work done, but get tired easily. I am also very swollen, more so than I was yesterday. I feel that my CG is abt ready to pop off me! Today I have been making calls for work. I will get Atleast one drain out Thursday PO day 9. My weight is still more than what is was Pre op. but this is really because I am so swollen and retaining water. It will all get better in the next mths. The PO pics I posted on day 4, well I'm even more swollen than that. So expect to not see immediate results! That is one thing I am struggling with. And also doctor said no more Percocet:( I have to work through the pain! I like it the easy way!!!!

I have put up pics for PO day 6. I think is is...

I have put up pics for PO day 6. I think is is important for myself to see the changes that happen in a few days. I am such an anxious person and with all this swelling I feel like I'm bigger than when I started. But looking at pics from PO day 4 and 6 I can see that I'm actually starting to develop a waist now and really am getting smaller. It is strange how this surgery works. My boobs, I am soo hoping those are swollen too! I'm wanting to be a small D. My weight is the same as Pre-op. My boobs added two pds on me. So I guess I have really lost 2 pds. I have heard at week two is when you can really tell a difference. We will see.
You look amazing! Thank you for your great posts, my surgery is next tuesday, i am just having an extends tt and lipo of flanks though. I was wondering where did you sleep, in bed or in a recliner? Do you have any tips on that? Thanks so much!
Thanks!!! My surgery was on a Tuesday as well. I have found it to be the most comfortable to sleep on my back in my bed with pillows under my knees. I have put towels over the pillow, and it has been very comfortable. So comfortable that I have layed here for a week now! Lol! I normally lay on my side, but there absolutely no way after this surgery. I am kind of wondering when I will be able to lay on my side again, I am missing that! I will stay caught up with your surgery, you will be so happy by this time next week!
I am so glad to finally hear someone say its ok to not sleep in a recliner! I really want to be in my bed, i can watch tv in there, the bathroom is very close and my kids can run and play downstairs with my hubby like normal. Our bed is a liitle high so i think i am just going to use a step stool. But it seems like it will be easier to roll out of bed than it would be to try and stand up out of a recliner...which i dont have and would have to borrow anyways. I am a stomach sleeper and I am grieving that right now, knowing my days are numbered. I a, having muscle repair as well, did you have that done?

PO day 7- so today I have stopped all my pain...

PO day 7- so today I have stopped all my pain meds except Ibprofen. Last night I hurt so bad, just a very very tight stinging, burning feeling, I was sooo swollen. I took my CG off and everything looks fine except my stomach is really hot. Once my compression garmet came off I instantly felt better. Called the ps he said to come get fitted for stage 2 CG, said that the stage 2 is usually very comfortable. I am wearing a binder right now. I go in tomorrow morning at 8:30 I will let you know if the stage 2 CG really is as comfy as they say! And I still haven't seen any reduction in my boobs, I am still riding the train of they are still very swollen and will go down:). I'll keep you posted on that too!
God bless you, and welcome to the flat side, drink a lot of pineapple juice for the swelling, and grape juice will help with the healing of the scar. Take care of yourself
Pineapple juice, I will try this. I have had so much swelling. Thanks for the info!
You look great, taking on a great shape already!

PO day 8- my first outing... And it was to the ps!...

PO day 8- my first outing... And it was to the ps! Everything is going good now, back on track. All the burning came from my PO CG that they put on right after surgery. It was getting too small because of all this swelling I have going On. I mean I am swollen like a hot air ballon! So now I am in my CG stage 2, woooo, means I'm further in recovery!!! Would be jumping up and down, if I could even stand up straight! Anyway my doctor does stages in CG ( I didn't know this). The stage 1 is like a swimsuit type but only comes to under the boobs. It had buckles on both sides it was a material that you really couldn't move much in. The stage 2 CG is more like spanx. It is a lot more comfortable and I isn't so tight. It has a lighter more flexible material. It comes down to my thighs, covers the abdomen to under my boobs. It is pretty comfortable, for a compression garment... But I'm sure that I will be cussing it out and wanting to burn it in abt a week, haha.
Doctor still won't give me pain meds to take the edge off. I still feel very sore. I think I am more sore than others because of the ps combo I opted to get... It is all worth it! I have heard that implants the pain goes away after 4 days, not in my case. Besides feeling on fire from the CG the boob job is what has really hurt.

Take aways-- so before my surgery I read about...

Take aways-- so before my surgery I read about sooo many things that were "must have" before surgery... I am pretty tight with spending a dime so I bought some things that weren't needed.
So many people talk abt hospital beds and recliners... For me I used my bed. My bed is a little high so I got a step stool. I put pillows from my couch under my knees( with a towel over the pillow) and stacked pillows up behind my head... For me I think a recliner would be too hard to get in and out of but a lot of people love their recliner. I just didn't have the luxury of having one and I did great. A hospital bed would be great but I don't have the room or the luxury of renting the one I would want.
Other medical equipment like stool raisers, shower seats, walkers... Not needed for me. I had help walking around the first 48 hrs then you can manage on your own.
As far as medical supplies...
New scissors for gauze cutting( you want to be sanitary)
Latex gloves
Cotton balls
Kotex pads to put under your garmet for comfort
Gauze squares. About 20 4x4.
Surgical tape
The hospital gave me gloves, alcohol swabs, guaze and surgical tape. So ask before you leave you will need these things for your drains and your drain site the first night.

I put towels under me in bed to catch any blood that may ooze. I just had a little blood the first night and nothing after.

As far as food. I didn't have much of an appetite. The first night I had applesauce and a smoothie from McDonald's. I bought instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal, yogurt, sugar free applesauce and add a little cinnamon for taste... Frozen steamers for lunch and I have had the luxury of my parents bringing me dinner every night. By day 6 or 7 you will be able to go to the store but take someone with you to carry the groceries, push the cart and put groceries away at home. I am single so it is different for me than the married couple with kids. This is all I can think of, but don't get crazy with overstocking! Oh yes, don't forget bendy straws, I couldn't have lived without those, seriously!
Read every word! Thank you for all the info and congrats! You look gorgeous! I have 4 days left to wait and wait and wait before surgery, then off to la la land at 7:30! Have much calmer nerves after reading all you went through. Thanks for all you shared!
These last few waiting days are the hardest!!! I couldn't walk past a mirror without pulling up my jiggle and dreaming if that hot pink bikini I have always wanted to wear! Lol. I'm excited for you!
you look absolutely great! Thank you for all the info.

PO day 10- so I went for my follow up ps...

PO day 10- so I went for my follow up ps appointment. I was so scarred to look at my scar but my ps talked me into it. OMG it looks great! They did internal stitches it is all white almost. After about a year you will not be able to even see it. I don't mind it since it is so down low and is about the size of a string.
Reflecting on this journey I wish I would have embraced it more in the beginning. With all the nerves, excitement, pain, drains, gauze, gas, constipation, burning, itching, tingling, damn CG, the worst! It has really made me grow as a person. We have accomplished so much by going through with a major cosmetic surgery solely with our own internal strength to pull us through. Now don't get me wrong, I am very excited for the swell hell to be gone as well as the CG!!! However, I wish I would have embraced this journey more in the beginning. When I reflect back I realize I have changed my outlook on life. I have made some incredible friends on RS; and realize how much caring and support we as women really do give each other. For the past month I have lived on this site, it has been my life. I enjoyed reading everybody's stories, seeing peoples creative funny screen names, and seeing the final result! I will also miss going to the PS. Those girls have seen every step of this procedure with me. They have seen the fear in my eyes, the pain, and then my ultimate happiness and joy! I will also miss my PS I think he is kind of funny! I learned to face your fears, go for it and you will come out on top!
As this chapter is soon to close for me in my life it will be a big part of me forever, or at least until I make another huge nerve racking purchase!!! LOL
My advise to anyone is that as scary as this is, and as much pain you may or may not be in, you will look back and kind of feel an emptiness when it comes to an end. Its like how you feel after prom. Get all excited, the day spend it getting all glamorous then the next day you are deflated since all the excitement is gone.
Soo after all these words tomorrow I will probably go back to bitching about pain, swelling, itching...you get it!
However, today I finally changed it to worth it, because I know there is no way I would take this experience out of my life!
Well said! It will keep getting better every day, the big picture is beautiful and fulfilling!
Thank you...I say "amen" to all you have said. You are definitely no wilting flower to take the step we have. Although you may experience a roller coaster of emotions (normal), I'm sure like any other experience in our life we will look back with rose colored glasses and it will be something that has helped make us who we are....strong brave women!
Yes!!!! I always thought I would chicken out before my day! I kept making things impossible to back out. Like tell my family, then friends, then ask off work, then pay the bill...Then I was in pre-op getting my IV and there is no backing out then!!! LOL

Po day 13-- soo I had both my drains in on...

Po day 13-- soo I had both my drains in on Saturday and they were both draining abt 40 cc. Well, I noticed after my shower Saturday morning (today Monday) that there was a yellowish puss coming out of both of my drain sites. My drain a had a red painful bump under it. And then my drain b was wouldn't sTay compressed... I would try to compress it and it would just lose its air... So what is going on. The pussy looking stuff is stuff that is normal to come out. It is some type of discharge from the sites... However normally with any type of white or yellow puss it is infection a lot of times, which is easily cured with antibiotics... So anyway it turns out that my drain b was inflated because my drain A actually wasn't securely in place. So they had to take out drain A. There was too much air getting in drain B, weird huh! So I'm still doing way over 30 cc in my drain B... Doesn't look like it will be coming out anytime soon.
Everything else has been good so far. The only other complication I had... Which I warn you I didn't want to post this because it sounds scarier than what it is, once it is all I we with.. However, for those of you that haven't had your surgery you will probably appreciate this info, incase it will happen to you.
When I woke up from my surgery I was shaking uncontrollably, I wasn't cold. My blood pressure and heart rate was elevated. It was scary since I didn't know this could happen. But don't worry! It is just a little shock from the trauma of the surgey. Keep in mind I had A LOT done and very invasive. They put a medication into my IV and boom no more shaking and all vitals were good! I wasn't sure about posting this because I don't want you to panic. I am in phamaceuticals so I can confidentially tell you that you will be fine!
You are looking great... Thanks for sharing your process...
Thank you! Anytime!
You look great I wish you well on recovery...Thanks for the updates Im 7 days away from my sx date!! :-)

PO day 15- so my first day back at work. Still...

PO day 15- so my first day back at work. Still have one drain in. I can say I experienced my first sneeze today!! Wooo, I'm going to stay on top of my Zyrtec! I didn't even feel it coming on. There were like 4 of them!!! I guess it was all my chemicals I use getting ready triggered an inch in my nose. Work went great. Just a little more swollen. Toting around in a CG a drain in my surgical bra and 4 inch heels!!! Sexy:) Haha. So then I went and I got my lip and brows waxed. I was a little afraid to do this because of the stocmach muscles jerking and tightening by the pull of the wax off... That went fine then... AH Choo... Yep you got it, another one of those sneezes!!! I forgot how I sometimes get in itch in my nose when I get my brows waxed... Normally I sneeze like 10 times. God was with me today, only had one! Things are still going great. Only take Ibprofen as needed. Not too much. And a hydro at night as needed, i didnt need it last night. One problem is I feel that my drain is kinda pulling with all this pulling up and down the CG and showering. When I shower Now I put a necklace on and wrap my drain tube around it. So then it doesn't get pulled. I was setting it on the floor of the shower before, the tubing was that long for me. I don't think I had any other eventful things happen today. I have felt like no food sounds good to me. Like everything I ate before isn't satisfying. It's like I lost my sense of taste.... Only problem is that I still get hungry so figuring out lunch and dinner is kind of hard. I don't want to take in calories if it doesn't sound good, but nothing sounds good!

One more update. I was on the phone with my...

One more update. I was on the phone with my sister last night and I sent her a pic of me in my tight tee and skinny jeans... Well, my 5 yr old nephew picked up her cell when the pic came through and he said, " how did her get so skinny". Ok, I just saw him 2 weeks ago! I jumped in and said I went on a diet and he said , " aunt Hillary please don't do that again, it creeps me out". Lol, I assured him I wouldn't do this again! Haha. He is just so sweet!

Sooo... I'm laying in bed and I just happen to...

Sooo... I'm laying in bed and I just happen to think... Hmmm, I wonder what the inside of my BB feel like??? Since my BB has been stuck in a bunch of fat for so long I forgot what it felt like. WOW, it is like mushy and funny feeling inside there! I'm sitting here and scrapping all the scabs off it it, having a blast because I have this nice bright shining BB, then it started to bleed:(. Just stuck a bunch of guaze in it, funs over for tonight. I need to let the beautiful new BB heal!!! Lmao!!!!
Wow! Just looked at your pics! You are BEEEAUTIFUL! Nice work! You should be very proud!
Thank you, thank you! It's people like you who put a big smile on my face!
Pharma you look grt! Isn't this such a fabulous ride! I am 4 weeks post op and feeling very normal w exception of activity, walking is all I do. Boring. But soon enough! Stay healing healthy!

PO day 17-- I'm feeling pretty great! I had my...

PO day 17-- I'm feeling pretty great! I had my second drain removed yesterday. It was starting to get really irritated. My irritation was caused by pulling on the drain... Like forgetting to pin it to me and then standing up, or setting it on the floor in the shower. Overall, my tummy's numbness is starting to wear off so I'm feeling the soreness, it feels like a slight bruise. However, as much as I have complained abt the CG... The CG actually has helped reduce the pain... Hope you are enjoying keeping up with me. I'm excited to see what my 4 week pics will look like!
Im still in awe over your results! Looking great!!
You are way too sweet!
Hi Pharma...so happy ur rid of ur drain! Thanks goodness I did not have to have them. Drainless TT is the way to go but I guess there are very few docs that have mastered the technique but I'm tellin ya I think that has made such a difference and made my recovery easier! I am 15 days PO and feel great..so great I forget I only had surgery 2 weeks ago then I am a bloated pig by the end of the day! My feet are up as we speak;). The takeaway is for all of us couple weeks PO still need to be kind and tender to our bods! You look great but still be gentle with yourself and get plenty of rest when you can :D

PO day 20-so this past week was bla. I haven't...

PO day 20-so this past week was bla. I haven't been in pain, I have been uncomfortable with the numbness starting to wear off. It kind of tingles and feels weird. My implants are still really annoying. I am trying to get used to them getting in my way! Lol!
My scar looks worse this week for some reason. I know that other people's scar has looked worse abt this time as well. My only guess is that since my numbness is wearing off and my nerves are waking up that it is kind of irritating my lower region.
I don't have much energy and still swollen. I'm so swollen that I don't want to take a pic because I look worse this week than I looked last week. I heard week 5 is bad with the swelling.
I got my appetite back too and have no energy to go to the gym. Now since I am typing this out, I realize this week really sucks! Lol!
So take away for week 3... Swollen, appetite back and no energy to go to the gym, numbness wears off so scar looks worse...hmmm I think that is all I have to complain abt. on the bright aide the pain is almost gone and I can stand up straight.
I was just looking at your pictures and you look GREAT! When did you start to stand up straight? My back aches all the time from being hunched over. I have been using a walker but by 3pm I am dying!!!! My stomach doesn't ache nearly as much as my back does
Same here, does it hurt if you try to stand up straight? It hurts me.. I hope this gets better fast! Best wishes... And a tight girdle helps :)
I'm still walking hunched over most of the day if I don't have my CG on. It doesn't hurt to stand up straight, it is just that my skin is so tight that it pulls. The CG helps with the support, but I would say week she was a turning point for the pain, but NOT the swelling!!! LOL!!!

PO day 27-I see everybody is somewhat sad about...

PO day 27-I see everybody is somewhat sad about their results and question the swelling. It makes me sad that you question your results. I have questions my results at times too, so I can totally understand. I can tell you that in the morning first thing I am happy with my results and that is when I have taken my pictures. I feel so pretty and love my results first thing in the morning then after an hour I feel fat, lumpy and feel that my stomach sits on my legs again. My ps assured me that this was swelling. I have really started to believe him now...I am pretty sure that I will have this swelling for weeks to come. I look back at my pictures from the beginning and think that I look so much thicker then than I am now. And at that time I was thrilled with my results. I can tell you that each week it gets a little better but you will not see what your results will really look like for atleast week 4 if not week 6. For me I can get a pretty good idea because for some reasons I am not swollen first things in the morning, but then balloon up. So don't get down on yourself with the swelling or if you don't think you have the hourglass shape, because that shape WILL come in time.
You really do look fantastic! :) Hope all is going well for you!
Love your pictures - wow - you look fabulous!
Hi Pharma, I was also wondering about you! You've been such an upbeat inspirational and helpful gal on here, plus...you are absolutely beautiful! This swelling thing gets to all of us, I'm so sorry it has gotten you down. I'm a runner and I hear you about loosing leg strength. But the good news is it comes back a lot faster than if we were starting from the beginning. I bet you will be surprised at how strong you still are. Hope your days get better. Miss you!

Hello! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile... So my...

Hello! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile... So my update for weeks 4-6...I have been depressed! I'm starting to pull out of it. I guess I thought after a month I would have strength and be out running again... I love to run. I have had no energy... I sleep for abt 13 hours, and get up feeling exhusted. My clothes are still so tight. I am still 3 pds over my Pre op weight... Considering I had 6 pds taken out with Lipo, it has made me sad. But on the positive note... I am starting to get energy back. So I'm starting to do a little more each day.... I think I may have gained a few pds because I haven't hardly moved in 6 weeks. There are some days that I am so tired that I stay in bed all day...I am hoping I snap out of this soon... Thank you all for checking on me and helping me keep my chin up!
I don't think you look very swollen at all? Are you back at work yet? I find that I can easily get into a low energy funk when I am off my usual routine. How about exercise? Are you walking at all? That might help with your mood and energy some. Hope this week is better for you :)
Well, I have been taking pics in the morning when I am not swollen. But by the evening I weigh 7 pds more. I just started really walking more this week and I do think it has raised my spirits some. I will keep you posted on the swell hell!!!! haha
I want to THANK all of you! I needed to know that I have this support... It means so much to me! I have been such a downer these past two weeks I didn't want to make a posting and bring everyone else down. Today I actually am starting to get back my energy a little...I'm trying to push myself to do a little more. Much love to you all:). Thank you!

I am 5 weeks and 5 days. I finally started...

I am 5 weeks and 5 days. I finally started feeling normal today. I think what has really drained my energy (besides this major surgery and all the aches) is the swelling that has come with it. I feel that it has done something to me mentally and brought me down and the energy went down with it. I finally accepted this swelling... I know it's swelling because I look great in the morning and 2 hrs later I'm all bloated.... So I decided that the only way this swelling is going to go down is by eating right and getting out for walks...
So I decided that I was going to actually RUN! Lmao, it didn't work! I went out my front door and all my neighbors were out gardening and what not.. I took off from my driveway and started feeling the staples or something rubbing... I tried to make it to the corner running and couldn't make it to the next driveway... So I started walking. I think my neighbors were laughing on the inside thinking " look at that bad ass who thought she was trying to impress us by running and she couldn't make it to the next driveway!" Haha.
I ended up walking 2 miles, came home and sooo swollen. I have my CG on and excited to wake up tomorrow morning flat again...
These past 6 weeks I have taken it really easy. I haven't been walking or really even moving. I think that has hindered my recovery... And also I get so sick of the CG that I haven't worn it too much. So now the truth comes out about my bad habits! Lol! I'm in better spirits now and getting back in track with an exercise regimen. I will keep you updated! Love to you all!
Wow! Your figure looks amazing! You must feel wonderfull! Awesome job! Wow!
Glad you are feeling so good! One of the girls on here warned that cardio makes you swell the most. And she suggested starting exercise with weights and slowly work up to cardio.
I am telling you...The swelling is terrible after walks!!! However, I feel the more that I walk the faster this swelling is going down. I am a little scarred to do weights....It is kind of a weird feeling, I am a little scarred to do weights, it's a mental thing. I feel that I am going to lift too much and pull a stitch or something. This surgery makes you have the weirdest fears getting back in the groove of things!

PO week 6-I just posted new photos. I think the...

PO week 6-I just posted new photos. I think the biggest MYTH is that at 6 weeks swelling will be mostly down. NO way. As you see from my photos how the reason why I get depressed during the day. I seriously gain 7 pds from morning until night, and it is all the fluid. I have decided I have to stay positive and understand the reason for the swelling...The lymphatic system that drains all the fluid is rebuilding itself and until it is healed you will have swelling. So hopefully this lymphatic system of mine kicks in gear soon. I have started moving around a lot more and walking 2 miles. I also have happy hours a few times a week and I am sure that is slowing down my healing. But it took a lot for me to post these pics. I have such rave reviews about my transformation...Then you see what I look like at night...:(
you are looking great congratz gbu
Great results! I have a question? No lift right? Just added implants? I am a 36C and they have the droop going on. No bad. My doc wants to add a small implant to make the upper breast fuller. I was wondering if that is what you had done?
I was a 36 small C big B before surgery. I had saline under the muscle. They feel very real and perky. I am still wearing surgical bras. I would guess that right now I would be 34DD when swelling is low.

I have to vent...This is an email I sent to the...

I have to vent...This is an email I sent to the surgical coordinator at my PS office. The on-call doctor that called me back is not affiliated with this office, however they have some deal to where she will take on-call...I googled her before my TT because of I heard of her name. Dr. Carla Garrison. After reading the reviews on rate MD, I decided not to even consult with her because her reviews were terrible about bedside manner. Please let me know if I went overboard on emailing the PS office. I feel that I had a good cause to call to ask for antibiotic....Also, since I am still under the care of my PS. I have an appt. on Thursday...I haven't seen my PCP or dentist on over 3 mths....

Hi Tess,

I wanted to get in touch with your office about what just occurred. I had my mommy make over with Dr. Price on March 5th. I am running a fever of 100.01. I have had an issues with my wisdom teeth in the past; I have been prescribed an antibiotic due to the infection they have caused. Today I have felt very exhausted and unusually achy. I also noticed a metal taste in my mouth... When this has occurred before, it has been from an infection, specifically from my wisdom teeth. My dentist knows of the issues with my wisdom teeth and this was a specific question they asked me in the surgery center. Dr. Kerr asked me who and why I was prescribed vicoden. I explained the reason and due to my wisdom tooth.

Tonight I called the on-call service and my dentist office.. Dr. Garrison called me back and she was EXTREMELY rude and not helpful. She told me I needed to go to urgent care if I wasn't feeling well and asked why I even called the on call service. I explained that I have a fever and that I feel that infection may hinder my healing process She made me feel very uncomfortable as to why I would call your office if I felt like I had an infection... I felt comfortable calling your office in this first 6 weeks post op because that is what my instructions told me to do if I was running a fever of over 101. I felt that 100.01 was enough to call, I explained that to her... During the conversation she told me to go to Urgent care, call my dentist and then call my PCP. I have always received great care from your office...I wanted to let you know about this conversation since I have ALWAYS received great and caring responses from your office.

I have had a lot of dental issues in the past and have had multiple extractions. I will be making an appointment through my dentist and to my oral surgeon on Monday to have my wisdom tooth extracted. I am not knowledgeable about anesthetics, from what I have had read is that general anesthetics stay in a body for up to 6 mths. As this problem suddenly occurred today, I am not sure what direction to take. I wouldn't feel comfortable having ANY surgery including oral surgery without consulting Dr. Price first. I will be out of town on business on Monday, however I will be calling your office for some type of guidance. I have been in the pharmaceutical sales for about 9 years, and I have never been treated so rudely as Dr. Garrison just treated me, and that is from a sales rep...

Oh pharma I had impacted wisdom teeth in my early 20's so painful!!!!! I missed these updates of yours due to my recovery. I'll be thinking about you!!! (((( hugs))))
I think you were right in letting them know. Sounds like they need to unaffilitate with that dr.
Beautiful results!!! Congratulations! Prayers that you don't get the infection you think you might have, and that you continue to heal at a healthy pace.

PO day 49- feeling soo much better! I have been...

PO day 49- feeling soo much better! I have been put on an antibiotic. I think the reason why my healing has been delayed a little, with being soooo tired and a little down is because I have carried a low grade infection. I actually started the antibiotic sunday morning. By Monday night I could tell a HUGE difference in my energy level! I was up by 7 am Monday, was on my feet all day, then took a 2 mile walk last night. I didn't get in my bed until 10! This is the first day since my surgery I have been able to move around all day and wasn't exhausted at bedtime. I am wearing my CG 24/7 and my swelling is going down A LOT!!! I really feel that my recovery (swelling and energy level) is going to improve dramatically from this point. So PO week 7 is when I can say that I can get back to my normal daily activities without getting worn out! I will keep you updated on the wisdom tooth. It MUST be taken out soon. Urghh!!! But I have much higher spirits now!
I will post more pics later this week, so you can see how much the swelling is going down. Yay!!!!!
How are you doing? Have not heard from you and your recovery. I hope all is well.
Hey Pharma, just browsing around to see how everyone has been doing the past couple of months. By your pictures, you are still looking wonderful! Hope your recovery is still going well. Take care!
I'm new to this site, just love it! Btw you look great, wondering how you're doing since last post. Sorry to hear you had a problem with Dr Garrison I've had several friends who used her & loved her & the results, maybe it was an off day. I'm going in for same surgery except for the breast on June 5, it will be nice having a fellow Springfieldian on this site. Hope you're doing good
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I heard many good things about him in the community. And my results proves he is an elite plastic surgeon!

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