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I am a 33 yr old mom/wife of 3 kids, one which was...

I am a 33 yr old mom/wife of 3 kids, one which was a emergency c-section, and can not get the fat off, I've recently have had a partial hysterectomy and i seem to be racking on the weight no matter wat i have tried or done. I have been wantin to have a tt and lipo on my thighs for bout 5yrs now and ive got my husband supporting me now. Once I get this done i'm goin to make sure it stays off by walking, workout videos, and staying healthy on food. Im very nervous and scared to go through this after i have read experiences and seen pictures, but I know in the long run i will feel alot better about my self in my clothes and in public or want to actual wear shorts and tank tops again.


Welcome to the community.  

I am glad to hear your hubby is supporting you in this process.  That will definitely help in the entire process.  Once this is done it will really motivate you to keep healthy and in shape.  You will not want to destroy the results.  

Keep us up to date.

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after careful reviews and alot of back ground checking. His staff and himself seem like the right choice for me for what i am wanting done to my body.

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