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I am interested in getting laser treatment done on...

I am interested in getting laser treatment done on my stretchmarks and wrinkled stomach. I'm in my 20's and back in shape, but all that's left to do is the post pregnancy touch ups! 

Oh boy I know what you mean about bearing the body..UGH.   It will all be fine.  These doctors have seen just about everything and I am sure your not as bad as you think:)  After all we are all our own worst critics.

Let me know how the consult goes.

Springfield Dermatologic Surgeon

The young woman I talked to on the phone was wonderful and made me feel welcome to ask her anything about the procedure. I didn't feel rushed at all during the phone call. I will be going to his office for a consultation very soon. My only complaint: He is almost TOO good looking for comfort! I'm a little uncomfortable showing this guy my post pregnancy body! lol

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