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My surgeon has requested pictures of breasts that...

my surgeon has requested pictures of breasts that i do and do not like so Ive had fun searching through tons of photos finding the look i love, while trying to stay realistic. i have deflated, and what i think are a bit saggy breasts, originally i thought i needed a lift with the augmentation, but both consultations with two different surgeons i was told an augmentation is all i'll need so thats what im going with and i have no idea what to expect, im also nervous about the stretchmarks i have on my breasts getting worse but it wouldnt be a deal breaker; anythings better than what i have now! im so excited!
not at all- I think since you already have lots of breast tissue that yours will turn out great almost right away- unlike me, I didn't have a bunch of breast tissue and very little room for bigger implants so mine are taking forever to get the results like those- but I'm confident at around 4-6 months postop, mine will be looking awesome like those!
thank you for your support! have fast healing and happy holidays !!(:
Good luck on your journey!! My surgery is a couple months out as well - now it's just a waiting game ha.

can any women out there relate??

I've been driving myself crazy looking at picture after picture, and trying to find a set of "before" breasts that look similar to mine due to my fear of coming out with big sagging breasts. I've seen two different PS they've both said the same thing, that i need a BL or BA not both. but I'm so afraid they're wrong,or don't fully understand what i want from this surgery, have any of you had this fear and went through surgery with just the augmentation and ended up happy with the result, or even unhappy?
Please be careful with being set only augmentation. If I could go back in time I would definitely get at least a beneli lift.
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