Will They Drop? - Springfield, MA

Ok so I was a 34b before my surgery. Wanted 34c,...

Ok so I was a 34b before my surgery. Wanted 34c, did not want to look over done. So with help from my PS, I decided to get them done a 330cc.

My surgery was yesterday, still sore. My concern is that they feel real high on my chest and tight/stiff. I hope that this is just part of the healing process and they will soften up and drop. Please, I would love to hear opinions.

Hi!! I got mine under the muscle. They look smoother and much more natural. Above the muscle tend to be really noticeable in the fact that they are not real. I have high profile 330cc's. I love the size. I'm glad I didn't go bigger but it's all about preference. When they are high profile they tend to be a bit more perky I would say. Another thing to remember with size is that under the muscle might make them a bit smaller but not too much. I wanted mine to look as natural as possible so I went with just 330cc. I went to pioneer valley surgeons and it's a female dr. She was great! I def recommend her and planning to go back to her in the future. Hope this helps.
I'm getting a lift and implants within the next few months. I'm only an A cup wanting to move to a fullB/small C. I want saline and high profile. I haven't decided over or under the muscle. What's the difference between the outcome on each? What kind of look do u get from each? How many cc's would be good to get that size. I was looking at 400/450 cc's. Also trying to find a really good doctor near the springfield ma area. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help!!!!!
Well you are a lil tinier than me and I am sure your doctor is going by your frame size. I would go by what he/she says and go from there. My doctor did not want me to go higher than what I choice and at first was suggesting 300cc or slightly higher because I was going under the muscle and sometimes after all swelling is gone and they drop they seem smaller. I am glad I chose the size although I am still a little sore. Talk to your doc and see what he/she says about going a little bigger if you're concerned! Congrats!
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