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I have a lump on my forehead. Plastic surgeon is...

I have a lump on my forehead. Plastic surgeon is going to remove it but states its deep in the muscle. I am so scared I will have a concave dent and awful scar in my head. I hope to come out of this without disfigurement and be glad I did it. Right now I am terrified. Hopefully I won't cancel due to my fear of the procedure.
I have considered doing something about this for a year. My motivation is to go out in public and not have someone ask me what my bump is. I have learned that it is a tumor and it should be removed even if it is benign.

Thanks for sharing your story with us so far, Stellina. When is your surgery?

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She worked on a freind of mine who had breat cancer and did a great job of recronstructing her after a bilateral matectomy. Lipoma is nothing in comparsion.

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