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Like the Results but Would Not Do It Again - Springfield, IL

Had Mixto treatment 2 days after having vaser lipo...

had Mixto treatment 2 days after having vaser lipo. luckily i took a Vicodan before the procedure. the numbing cream was not very effective & even tho i did not feel the heat as some people do, i felt like i was being cut by a scalpel with every application of the laser. by the end of the procedure i was squeezing the nurses hand for dear life & making quite a bit of noise! i was not prepared for day 2 & 3. the skin gets very tight & crusty & i couldn't use the cream they recommended because it had lanolin so i suffered until my husband bought some vaseline for me. the vaseline saved my sanity! it felt so good & the dead skin started to come off immediately. i'm glad it's over & the 2 age spots i had look lighter but are not completely gone. i think my skin looks better overall but i won't be repeating the procedure.

Hi Springfield,

Welcome to the community and thank you for the review. I'm glad it eventually turned out ok. Your info about the Spa is great. Please keep us updated to how everything goes.



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Now that it's over I'm happy with the results but i think people need to be aware that going to a "spa" for some procedures may not be for everyone because they are not as forthcoming with the pain medication that some people may need.

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