Titan Not Worth It - Spring, TX

I had 3 treatments, the first 2 were very painful...

I had 3 treatments, the first 2 were very painful because as the technician informed me at the 3rd treatment, she was not doing them properly. The 3rd treatment was not so painful. I endured the pain hoping for results, I never saw anything other than my face being red for a day after each treatment. What a huge waste of my money!

Not sure if the uneducated tech was the reason for no results or if it wouldn't have worked even if done properly. They had the nerve to call me to do it again. AS IF!

Zen Spa in Houston

Only seem interested in getting your money.

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my cosmetic procedures doctor in houston offers it, but even she didn't advise i get it done on my face and neck.
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Titan does not work. I have used that Cutera Titan machine in another providers office 7 years ago and NO ONE was ever happy. It wasn't the technique either. Most people can't tolerate the hight heat level require to make the smallest change. Even at the level there is a great potential for burns. Where I work, the business choose not to purchase the Titan option because it is a waste money for no results. Many practitioners will recommend other treatments inbetween the Titans so that you can't tell which actually worked. Ask for an in office credit. You got ripped off!
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Hmm...I'm wanting to try this procedure, but most definitely not gonna go to where ever you went to.
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Hi Albri,

The results you described (Redness & Irritation) almost sounds as though they used IPL for your treatment. I'm sorry you had a negative experience. Titan can be extremely helpful for most patients, but the procedure most definitely needs to be performed by an experienced clinician.

All the Best,
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Hi albri,

What that's crazy! I can't believe they told you they did the first 2 treatments wrong and then proceeded to do another on you, and still charge you. I imagine yes you probably would have seen better results from a more experienced, technician. The community constantly is talking about how that is a factor. Are you going to try again somewhere else? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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There are many unscrupulous unprofessional clinicians that boast they know what they are doing because they are doctors. These are hard times. They will do and say anything to make a buck. Demand your money back.
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