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Very Upset with Smartlipo on my Flanks

I am a man, 30 y.o. and i had my smartlipo on my...

I am a man, 30 y.o. and i had my smartlipo on my flanks 5 weeks ago and i'm very angry. I think i spend my money for nothing. I'm still having my flanks as before.

I have a very fit body due to my hard training everyday at gym, but never get to take out my love handles, so i decided to get a smartlipo. The same day of the procedure i didn't feel any pain, and the days after neither. I was very excited, i thought it will be painful, and i was worry because i didn't tell anybody i was going to get a smartlipo. But the post-procedure was great and nobody knews about it.

I visited my doctor today and she said that i have to wait one month more, and if the flanks still like right now, in one month i can repeat the smartlipo. It makes me a little bit happy but i'm negative,i don't know why but i think it will not work. So for my experience i do not recommend smartlipo. (I'm sorry for my english)


Hi Jack, i had a second surgery 3 months after the smartlipo due to the flanks still were there, but it wasn't a smartlipo. Again i didn't feel any results, i was really really upset.

I have lost a part of my flanks because the diet. 0% carbohydrates, it was the solution, but still having some fat there.

So i wouldn't recommend smartlipo to anybody, even a regular lipo if you want to get a perfect body as i wanted ( i use to exercise everyday)
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So, how was it after a month. Would love an update and pics if available. I had mine done about 10 weeks ago and still am feeling some residual pain and having some swelling still.
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