Had FAMI fat graft done two years ago. he...

had FAMI fat graft done two years ago. he overfills and grafts fat into areas i did not request or need. he describes his technique as using adult stem cells but in reality, he simply injects purified fat deep into muscle and near periosteum to achieve supposedly long-lasting results.

i was swollen for about four months, results went away for a few weeks, then came back full force, revealing overfill.

do not waste your money on this, you will live to regret it, as i have.

Fill depressions and loss of volume in cheek area.

Fill depressions and loss of volume in cheek area.

Well, its been about seven months since I had...

Well, its been about seven months since I had liposuction to my lower cheeks to try to correct the excessive volume injected by the FAMI fat graft. I can say i see a very, extremely subtle improvement. My surgeon was extremely conservative in the amount of fat he removed with the tiny cannulas. I am thankful that some surgeons do know the meaning of the word conservative. I have come to find out that my fat was placed deeper in the cheek area, therefore it cannot be sufficiently removed with the subcutaneous approach of liposuction. Liposuction cannnot be done too deeply in the face for fear of damaging important nerves that run near the buccal fat. This is were my fat was injected. Its been a little over three years since I had the FAMI performed by Dr. Roger Amar, and it seems his method of fat grafting does last as he claims it does. I guess this can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how your individual results turn out. For me, I guess its kind of mixed.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

This plastic surgeon overfills with his FAMI technique. It is nearly impossible to correct as he injects deep into muscle. He cannot admit when he has made an error, nor can his staff. They will not help you correct any irregularities or problems as there is no way to do so. They will simply ignore you until you go away. personnel at his office is nice but dr. lies about the science behind his technique. dont know if staff believes his lies or help him decieve potential patients. he has no aesthetic eye and believes the solution to any minor imperfection is fill, fill, fill. its no wonder there have not been any new additions to the same four or five before and afters on his website for the last few years . those are likely the only ones he's gotten right, if they are real. this surgeon has absolutely no scientific documentation backing up his claims that his fat grafts are any different than the rest because he uses stem cells. he overfills, like many other fat graft specialist do. but his dont reabsorb like others do.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Can I ask where these surgeons are based, I'm sure there are many doctors with the name Amar?
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rogier amar in spain is one. he taught dr donald monroe fox oculoplastic surgeon in upper east side new york city. i had fat transfer(same as Fami) by dr bryan gawley on my cheeks in march, and he did great job. i love it. he does not overfill.
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Hi, Its been a while since anyone posted on this link and i was wondering how things 'panned' out in the end with the FAMI as i am considering this procedure. many thanks
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Hi Patricia, i was just wondering how the FAMI turned out for u in the end ? I am considering this and would like your opinion many thanks
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Dear All,
Has anyone else had any experience of Dr Frank Trepsat in Geneva? I would appreciate any thoughts if you have because I've met him and was quite happy, but not yet decided to go ahead with the procedure of transjunct + fat transfer. thanks, Mike
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Sorry, Mike, I have never heard of that Doctor. Just be careful with the fat grafting. You could end up regretting it, as many others on here have.
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Yes did a fat transfer on me. Fat on one side of my face took better than the other, as did under eye. Still look better than before as I had significant fat loss. Very pricey
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As of today, I did not yet made an appointment with Dr Amar. I am not sure whether I will undergo my last corrective surgery with him or not.
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My life changed yesterday exactly 6 years ago. the beginning of all this was a laser skin treatment aiming to get rid of pregnancy stains in the lower eyelid / upper cheek area which melted my fat.

I used to have confidence but I became a hermit that hates to go out and no longer likes talking to people. 

Before finding this Doctor, I was scared that this damage was permanent. I even quit my career because I no longer enjoy interacting with people. this has destroyed my life as I knew it. I have had counselling to assist with the depressed feeling and anxiety caused by this situation.

I trusted other Doctors who only made things much worse. They promised I would be cured but they were not honest. They did not have the know - how to deal with my case and they did not mind provoquing more damage to a human being. Now with Fami and Dr Amar , I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel again.

I should undergo a third and last Fami procedure soon. As I stressed in my previous posts, when I first arrived at Dr Roger E. Amar's Office I was a very difficult patient and that is the reasson why more than one procedure was needed.

Just one thing haunts me :Had I found Dr Amar before , I would be cured and happy years ago.

be well and I wish all the best!
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I had the FAMI done on my face by this Doctor. Sloppy job: upper part fatter than lower part and fill in depressions.......sounds similar to badfatgraft results..... Both parts of the face look different. I was not too surprised when I came across this thread some days ago. Good luck to all!
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Here is a video with one of Amar's patients (before and after) which was posted on another forum online - I reposted it under another thread here:


The dark haired lady is also on this video 45 secs in http://youtu.be/S8IMWZK9Esw

So, I guess anyone thinking of FAMI could take the e.g. of one of his happy patients and see what they think about the procedure, because still photos don't show up a lot.
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I can confirm everyone else that I will undergo my last Fami procedure with Dr Amar in April or so. I am SO much looking forward. Before I met him I underwent surgery with other Doctors who did not have the necessary skills. I am guessing working with soft tisuue is one of the most demanding skills . And restoring soft tissue as well. I am confident , 100%, that I made the good choice.
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Hi everyone,

Just came across this and felt like I needed to chime in. I underwent in 2008 FULL FACE FAMI with Dr Roger AMAR and I dont like the results. There are creases in some places and others which are overfilled.I was told I would look younger but I look OLDER!!

And when I complain they keep telling me unbeliebebla things like "you donnot understand the FAMI procedure".
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Hi, Badfamifat. Sorry to hear about your experience. "You do not understand the FAMI procedure". I can't tell you how many times they regurgitated that statement to me. Or "You had a GRAFT, remember!" Ohhhh, NOW it makes sense! I don't have to understand it to see what a bad result it is. As if "understanding" the procedure will make you see a better result when you look in the mirror. Dr. Amar is trying to leave behind a legacy with his FAMI technique, but it is quickly becoming evident after so many failed results, that this arrogant doctor will not achieve the notoriety that he is striving for of becoming a respected pioneer in the plastic surgery community. He doesn't care about his patients, which is why he does not warn them of the possible complications associated with his FAMI Technique. That is why i started this thread, to bring to light that this method of fat injection, by this doctor, is very risky and that you can get WAAAAY more than you bargained for if you go this presumptious plastic surgeon. I suppose now I know why they always keep the front door to their office locked, even during office hours, until they can identify you through a peephole to let you in. Maybe they're fearful of angry patients coming to their office demanding answers besides "You do not understand FAMI."
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Its not always easy to filter out all the hype and marketing from what's real and genuine. Though my inner gut told me "something is not quite right" with this FAMI thing. Thanks for posting. The old saying "if sounds too good to be true then....." is right on target here. Notice how in their video testimonials they seem to always ask the patient what attracted them to the procedure...as if they were asking only so they could fine tune the bait they use on the end of their fishing line. While advertising and marketing is common to all business....True authentic results need no advertising as it would spread like wild fire by just word of mouth alone. Buyer Beware!
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I am listening to you Badfatgraft and I respect you have a lot of experience due to the problems you have.

You went looking for answer's didn't you! and you found things out post op just like everyone else on this site! otherwise if we read all this pre-op we would not of gone ahead with this.

If leagal action will only get you money well that's a good start!!!

I have been privately emailing another member, she will not go to see a solicitor as she is frightened, I can understand her dilemma, I can't believe no one has even took advise and/or seen another doctor (a good doctor)for their unbiased opinion, very first thing you have to file a complaint to the surgeon asking for answer's, then you get the solicitor involed.

Money could get you the best surgeon to help correct the problems without dipping into your own pocket, on top of that.

I will be reserching this over the days, weeks months! I don't take no for an answer.

Manchester eye hospital injected Coleman fat to the back and under my eye ball (I am blind in this eye) to push it up and fill out a hollow at the top of eye under my eye brow, I had a hollow look due to losing fat there with the traumer over the years, it lasted 7 months then became a little hollow again but not as bad, so they injected more fat a 2nd time, that was 3 years ago it's stayed.

What I am getting at is fat injected correctly should not disburse ofter a few days!!!

The way the fat is harvested and handled then injected is the key to successful fat injection.

I have read some FAMI patients state the appearance does get better over the months, then I read other statements like yours where, over fill, creases, dints, swelling for months, uneven appearance and multipul correction ops "AT THE PATIENTS EXPENSE"

I don't know what I am going to look like reading all this, this is a lottery type of surgery if your unlucky enough not to have picked a good honest Dr.

Let's not forget I have H filler still in my lower eyes/top of cheeks!! this FAMI op should not have gone ahead until this H filler disolved naturally, but someone obviously wanted my £10,000!! and I am pretty angry about this.

Leave you email address if you want to chat privately.

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When you say the result looks lost after one month or so, is this what you have found to be true?
Or is this a lie by them to cover up initial bad results, has other FAMI patients found this to be true do you know? I really don't know what i'm going to look like next week or 6 months time. If I found this site before the FAMI op I would not have this done by him, actually I found this "real self" site 10 days post op and it really hasen't helped my recovery, I started panicing thinking all sorts of things from what I was reading, you said that he's just injecting purified fat not stem cells so it disburses.
Where are you from Badfatgraft? why has no one tried to take legal action?
Another member has had 2 correction ops in 3 years and going for a third and she's paid for it everytime, this is ridiculous, scandalous. after the second op failed I would not be back again.
I would have had a second and third, fourth doctor opinion before I let the same surgeon back and maybe gone somewhere else, the BAAPS in the UK has certified surgeons for every type of surgery, you will get a 100% geniune answer form them.
P.S remember the problem I have is the Hyaluronic filler put in a few months ago, he told me it wouldn't matter but it does, the H filler has been pushed up and it's ridged up so I got high and low points mainly on the left top cheek.

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I'm not trying to scare you, simba454. You may still have a great result and be happy with it. I'm sure many people have. I'm just telling you what they told me and my experience. They told me initially i would be swollen for only a month or so. They told me I would lose the result after about a month. I actually lost the result after about five months. I didnt actually lose it all, everything looked great. I was so happy with the result. It looked completely natural and my cheek scars were nicely filled in but not overfilled. Then after a couple of weeks, the graft seemed to grow and I looked swollen and inflated again for about a year and a half.

Read my earlier posts to see my experience and the things I discovered as to the cause of this sudden growth of fat cells. Sylvia told me this loss of result and return of the result happens to nearly all FAMI patients.

I am from the U.S. and flew to Marbella to have the FAMI done by its founder. After being told everything I wanted to hear, I made the biggest mistake of my life letting him work on me.

Legal action will only get me money from him and thats assuming i win. Since I am not disfigured or injured, I doubt i'd win. Besides, getting my money back or even more out of him would not fix my problem. I'd still be stuck with this extra fat in my face. All the money in the world won't make me feel better or find someone who can help me.

Even patients who are four or six years out from the FAMI will tell you that they see improvements after three, four, five years. I dont know what this means, but in my case, it seems like the fat softens a little and does look a bit more natural. But too much fat is till there in my lower cheeks after two and a half years.

But really, try not to worry. Even the doctor will tell you that things are still changing within the first few months.

E-mail me privately if you want some more info.
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It's been 3 weeks since operstion all looks OK except for my left top of cheek below eye, I had previously had Hyaluronic acis put in by a diff doc on the NHS, I was told pre op that it didnt matter but it did, the filler has come to the surface and looks lumpy there now.
And I have a crease in the cheek below it,the surface is totally uneven but they keep telling me it's OK.
Check out what other people are saying on here first and work it out.
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This is a common complications from FAMI. The doctor or his staff will keep on telling you it's o.k. and that it will get better, but the creases and/or dents will not ever completely go away.

How can you prove to anyone, simba454, that the doctor did not inject stem cells? How can you prove that he did? Just look at the results. Its obvious you have fat all over your face. Touch the texture of it and look at how much bigger your face looks compared to the before photos. Smile big and see how your smile has changed. The creases and dents you have are where the fat cells did not survive and died off.

Ask the doctor what is giving you the volume you no. Is it w have. Is it possible that stem cells turn into bone, muscle or skin cells after one or two months to give you added volume? Or is it more likely that its your own fat that is plumping up your face? Think about it, research it on the internet, ask other Doctors opinions besides Amar's and see that you have been lied to. Very few plastic surgeons believe what Dr. Amar says he does is true. Ask him why sometimes he has to do touch-ups or several FAMI's on some patients over the course of a few years. What happens if you gain five or more kilos in your weight and see your face inflate? What makes more sense: Do stem cells grow with weight gain? Or do fat cells grow with weight gain?
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Sorry, the beginning of the last paragraph should read "Ask the doctor what is giving you the volume you now have."
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Listen, After 2-3 weeks of post FAMI we should not be seeing dints or creases!
The fat/stem cells should not disburse into your system that quick that early!! do you understand where I am coming from?
It should take months not days YEAH, so this means he has not injected the area CORRECTLY and evenly maybe???
So the proof is when my initial swelling started to go down creases started to appear on the left top of cheek bottom of eye area, that means it hasen't been filled correctly!! the fat should not of had a chance to disburst yet.
Remember badfatgraft, every case/person has a slightly different scenario.
My right check looks almost perfect, I haven't got overfill, when I smile it looks good!
Read my pre-post's, I already had Hyaluronic filler under under both eyes, twice more on the left eye, he should not of done this FAMI until the H acid had disolved,6-12 months, the FAMI has just pushed the H filler up and caused a peak BUT there is also a crease below it so it's worse.
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I'm glad you got a good result then, simba454. Except for your one cheek. I guess he did a good job on you. I was swollen for about four months. When i sent pictures to Dr. Amar after eight or nine months, he thought i had gained weight, but i had not. He just overfilled my face in my case.

There are others I've talked to who have had FAMI with Dr. Amar and did not have any fillers of any kind in their faces and ended up with dents and creases in their cheeks or under the eyes. I did not have any fillers in my face and I ended up with a dent in one of my tear troughs. What happened in my case then?

Dr. Amar tells you not to push or press down on the grafts after the FAMI procedure, because you can disrupt the fat cells before they have a chance to establish a blood supply from the nearby vessels. So, it is clear that you can cause the fat cells to die in the first few days after the procedure. That's what he told me. They even tell you not to move your face too much or talk too much because you can interrupt the grafts survival. Did they tell you that after a month or so, it would look as if you lost your result, but then the result would reappear? He claims no one understands why this happens, but Sylvia warned me about this.

I hope your result stays and that you are happy and the dent resolves on its own. All i'm saying is that if they lied to me, I know I am not the only one out there who has had a poor result.

There's a reason Amar doesn't get too much attention or get asked to show his patients in person at plastic surgery conventions in the States. He's not doing anything unique or exceptional. He may have a great understanding of facial human anatomy but there's nothing exceptional about his technique.

Also, I remember when i woke from the surgery, I had tiny cannulae insertion scars at various points on my face, like chin, under nose, just above eyebrows, on the sides of the mouth, along hairline by the temples and on the upper cheek at the tear troughs. All of the little scars healed and are completely invisible except the ones on the upper cheek. Maybe this is why we have these dents there. I am fair skinned and they sometimes look red. Of course, if you ask him, he'll probably say he did not insert a cannulae through there, but i remember what i saw after i woke up and for the next few days.
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That is exactly how I feel. If it was a cowboy builder that did shoddy work, you would either not pay him, or if you had paid him up front (as we did) you could deal with it through the courts. I am biding my time. I apologise to anyone that I have not replied to, and I am sad for all of you as I know how devestating it is. I am not good on computers; and also, you all seem so knowledgeable on how to deal with this. I am slowly smouldering in the background but I haven't gone away. How dare he! Lets stick together?
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Hi Patricia
I am not condeming the doctor who has just performed the FAMI on me, it's only been 2 weeks gone and I still have swelling. All I am stating is a few people on here are making a lot of noise and assuming that the DR in question is not doing this procedure how it should be done, and they don't seem to be doing anything about it. I will be waiting for another few weeks yet.
Can I ask you have you had this FAMI procedure and if so who by?
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