Eyelid and Under Eye Surgery - Spain

Would'nt say it did'nt hurt, especially...

Would'nt say it did'nt hurt, especially underneath.It has been two weeks, eyes still bit swollen, slight bruise left. Eye lids are still puffy. My concern is that where the scar is it has gone hard and a bit lumpy, I read somewhere that this is normal and it will soften?? But I can see a difference, has opened my eyes up, my eye lids were quite heavy.

How long does it take for the scars to go down,...

How long does it take for the scars to go down, mine are risen and lumpy! Will be 3 weeks tomorrow
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I have dog ears at corner of eyes, it has been 2 months and use vitamin e plus massage. I'm furious, this was never mentioned as side effect.
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Bienvenidos a RealSelf, lisaydani. We're glad to have you here. Are you doing anything with your scar currently, like applying cream or scar strips?

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Hi, My friend who recomended me had it done last year, she was using rosehip oil so thats what i am using at the moment. She is a beautician and she had some vitamin injections round the scars!! But you cant see anything round her eyes now! My scars are still quite risen and lumpy, hope they go down soon. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow, First day of wearing mascara today!!
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