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Hi, it's been 6 months since my rhinoplasty...

Hi, it's been 6 months since my rhinoplasty (removing a bump and making it shorter...the upturned thing was just a -wrong- doctor decission during operation) and the problem is that the tip is too upturned (about 2 mm because of septum removing) and i was wondering what should i do to fix it. I really wouldn't mind it to be upturned if my nostrils weren't so vertical and visible (i'm a man and it makes a little femenine profile but it isn't that bad, although i would prefer it a bit down and so i wouldn't have to touch the nostrils, they would cover themselves)
I was wondering too if any of this procedures could be done without adding grafts (it scares me a bit...), just suturing (or something like that) the tip a few mm down, or in the case of nostrils just reposition alar cartilage down too to make them roundend instead of inverted "V". I'm just looking for the easiest way to do it, if it's possible. Which one would you choose? Do you think any other opcions can be possible?

Sorry for not adding a pic, a have none in this computer. Hope all details have helped you to imagin how my nose is.



Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors said to another user who had similar concerns 3 months post op. Hopefully you'll find it at least a little bit helpful. And please do upload photos if you get a chance. Pics will make it much easier to visualize what you're describing.

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Thanks for sharing Diacne! Without a picture, it is difficult to suggest anything with accuracy. I do think that I prefer having an upturned tip, with nostrils showing. My nose has been heavy on tip, thus it is too low over my lips. I'd really love the tip of my nose to be turned up and to be shortened. Good luck.
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