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I am 40 years old and had Fraxel Laser Surgery to...

I am 40 years old and had Fraxel Laser Surgery to get rid of crow´s feet and slight wrinkled eye bags. It is my 6th day now and although the redness and swelling of the first 3 days has gone, I now have a disgusting looking crusty red and yellowish layer in that area. I am assuming it must be the healing process that creates this thick layer of what seems to be a combination of crust and the ointement I was given by the doctor (Bacitracin).

What I need help with is that I was told that in 1 week I would be mostly recovered, or at least enough to walk out in the streets without feeling like the Elephant man. And I even read from people here that they usually heal or are able to show their faces in public in about 5 days. How the hell can I get rid of this dry substance on my skin? Why does it take longer than most people? Am I doing anything wrong?

On one hand I hear to let it dry so it solidifies, and on the other I read washing to keep it moist. I am going crazy here. Besides, I am spending this christmas with my son, who lives with his mom in another city, and I am hating the fact that the poor 4 year old kid is having to deal with this Halloween face all my days with him and he´s not happy no matter how many times I try to pretend it´s a halloween mask :-(

Please help

How do yours eyes look now? Have you seen improvement?
Wow. You had Fraxel Re:Pair done, right? Because that looks too significant to be Re:Store. Do you know the settings that were used? You should post a doctor question and contact the physician who treated you. You may be experiencing delayed wound healing and that may result in distorted skin texture, it happened to me. I think you should get some makeup for now until it heals and definitely get a second opinion from another physician. Good luck. I hope you heal well.
It´s now my 9th day, and 2 days after I posted I went to see my doctor, the one who did the fraxel, and he removed the crusts. He admitted the problem was another cream I applied that started creating layers. After havinf the crusts removed by him he gave me a cream that helped heal and now I am PERFECT !! Just applying sunscreen 50 solar factor. WIth a skintone tint. I am truly happy. I just wish I would have been told that it took more than one week to heal. And also the problem was applying that cream. I will look for the exact names if that can help anyone.
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