How Many Cc's Would You Recomend?

Hi,after having breastfed a baby I have planned a...

Hi,after having breastfed a baby I have planned a breast augmentation, the problem is that I am not very cure of apporpiate cc's to put, I was thinking of 320-330 cc and my surgeon told me to put mentor 375cc anatomic inframamary.

I've been advised about my asimetry, and would like to know what you would recomend me... Considering I am 34 and 5.9 tall and 12 stones and torax 82cm bust 87cm.

i am very worried about beong short or long, so your answers would be very appreciated!!

If you're five-foot-nine, keep in mind that you can pull off larger implants than a shorter woman. 300-350cc on you might look smaller than it would on someone who was, say, five-four. That said, it all depends on how large you want to go. Larger implants do tend to sag more as the years go by.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to to do!

Hi thanks for your reply! I don't see my first reply to Chelly78207, so I hope they appear;o)

I am doubting, I don't like big breasts that sag with the time, I like firm medium size, they look younger! but Once I speak with the surgeon again I'll be brave and will decide jajajaja
A 320- 330 would put you back at a Full B but I think the reason your doctor want to go higher is the same reason mine did. When I breast fed my boobs inflated as well and my doctor recommended 375 to fill out my breast so they wouldn't be so low or saggy. I'f you get a B I think your breast would look still dropped alittle but you don't even need a lift(from the picture). It is really up to you. 375 would put you at a fulll C or D.
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