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Flawless quality! My neighbor recently revealed...

Flawless quality! My neighbor recently revealed the secret to her impeccable eyebrows. FINALLY!!!!! She confessed that she had them permanently done by Emilia Berry at PermaLine. I'm still in total shock and blown away at the same time because her eyebrows look completely natural! There's no signs or indicators whatsoever! I'm completely impressed with the level of quality they gave here. I even have an appointment scheduled to get mines done soon!! Hopefully they turn out just as fabulous as hers!!
I just wanted you to see hers. Will post mine soon ;)
BTW, the before & after picture is from someone posting Emilia's work on Instagram (because my neighbor didn't want to be photographed)
Wow. That was certainly what I was hoping for, but would have settled for them being the same color! I have been hearing that Martha, at Faces by Design, in Marietta does not even ask what color or shape you want. Have heard from others that theirs faded almost immediately because they were very faint from the beginning. We are guessing she is desperate for repeat business, but she did offer to fix mine. She did admit that they were not done right. I will let her do a touch up when I am in Ohio. Hopefully we can resolve the issue then. Will update here.
The colour always heal up to 40% lighter as the colour settles under the skin after scabs comes off. Always a good idea to have them done slightly darker than whats needed. That is why an immediate touch up is so important prefably within a month from original procedure. Permanent makeup artists must stress the importance of it. It could also be the type of pigment used or the depth of implantation.
Really? She refuses to do touch ups that early. It was a nice color with the scabs. But was a thin line. One side is brown and the other is pink. Looks more like a scar. I doubt I will keep doing this anyway because I am on Synthroid. I have seen two people that Martha did the permanent brows and liner and theirs is completely gone after a few years. I have paid for eyeliner too and if course she gives no refunds. She also didn't tell me that before the purchase. Not much intergrity there!! I was had. Buyer beware!! Hope this helps someone else because it is too late for me.
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