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Help Please! Duck Profile - South Portland, ME

I went to get my lips enhanced with juvederm three...

I went to get my lips enhanced with juvederm three days ago. I had done my research and thought I knew exactly what I wanted but I have the dreaded duck look. My top lip is protruding out like I have a severe overbite from my profile and it lacks 'volume'. The corners are turned up like and I look like the joker from "Batman". Please any advice is greatly appreciated. I don't even want to face work tomorrow. This has made my self esteem even worse. My doctor was really really nice. He wasn't in a hurry and just had great manner all around and I liked him. But I do not like the way my lips turned out. Should I add more to bottom lip? And what should be done to flat volume in upper lip? I should add I had about .2 cc to vermillion border... But it appears like it was put in the white part surrounding lip and about .2 cc on each side of upper lip and about .2 cc put in center of bottom lip. Hope this helps. Any advice?
It's better. Still a gap when I close my mouth if I don't purse my lips together more than just the slight resting place. The other doc put in four units of botox over my top lip to help relax the muscle and get the top part of my lip that was sort of looking like a snarl to come down. I loved loved the botox! I could still talk drink chew nothing was different in that aspect but it sure looks a little better. I'm going back to get so e put under my lower lip as well so it looks a little more proportioned to my top lip until I can get juvederm again. Really loved the botox got rid of upper lip wrinkles
And now, what is progress

How are you doing now? I'm hoping with a couple more days passing some of the swelling will have gone down.

Since you used Juvederm you could consider getting it dissolved if you still aren't comfortable with the way it looks. You can check out the Hyaluronidase community to read reviews of people who have opted to dissolve and ask them any questions you have about it.

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