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Two Courses, Worked Well, Comes Back - South Dakota

Be ready for some wicked side effects. This stuff...

Be ready for some wicked side effects. This stuff is very powerful and does a number to your body. I recommend taking it seriously and being cautious with your body while taking it.

Muscles and joints are very weak and I threw my back out several times (and i don't have back problems). It takes a good month to see results but my skin cleared up so well. It stayed clear for about 4 mos after taking it and then started back up.

Never to the severity as before accutane. I did take it for a second course about 2 yrs later. Same thing, it came back, but even less. I would recommend this to anyone struggling w/acne but just be prepared.

Hi Rebrak, 

This is great info. So many community members want to make their acne go away so badly they often forget their could be side effects, I'm glad you are letting everyone know. So are you officially acne free and feeling better? 

Thank you for the post,


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