It's No Miracle, but my Experience Was Positive.

I let a Plastic Surgery Resident at a large...

I let a Plastic Surgery Resident at a large Medical University do my lifestyle lift for practically nothing. I pretty much paid for the cost of the materials and the treatment room.

I'm very happy with the results. I am 63 years old and although I don't look 40, I have lost the crepy turtle wattle under my chin. I do have a scar under my chin, but heck, I'm only 5' 4", who is gonna be looking up at me from under my chin? Maybe my Grandson, but he wouldn't be bothered by seeing my scar; guess what, neither am I.

I am interested in tis could you give more info?
"Lifestyle Lift" has no description in surgical literature and is not taught or practiced at any university hospital. If the company, Lifestyle Lift, is allowing residents to perform surgery in their facilities, this is clearly unusual and definitely outside anything resembling an academic setting. This patient might have had a minilift in a resident surgical clinic.
All Lifestyle lift doctors are board certified or board eligible surgeons. Please do your homework and don't listen to bitter doctors who have suffered financially from Lifestyle Lifts success. Remember, these doctors are trying to persuade you against the Lifestyle Lift because they are losing business and do not have your best interest at heart.
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Check with your local medical school and see if you can have a resident do your surgery. It's really a bargain, and they are closely supervised by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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