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My consultation was free; it was in my...

My consultation was free; it was in my dermatologist's office. The cost of the paddles was $40 and they should last about 6 sessions, or at least this was what I was told. The sessions cost $80 each. Each session took about 15 minutes for me, with two different paddles. It kind of tickled and it didn't hurt. Only when it was over did I start to realize that my new skin kind of stung.

I did my second session today (my sessions are 2 weeks apart due to sensitive skin) and afterwards, the redness went away faster and I can start to see that the acne scars are more next time more and more can be lifted away. For a while, my scars were just kind of dormant under layers of dead skin.

Let me know if you have any questions or you want me to clarify anything!

Had my third session today! My redness subsided in less than an hour (still more than 30 minutes, though). I have some icepick scars scattered across my cheeks and I can see some of the more shallow ones filling out a little. I know it's mostly a superficial procedure, but it is definitely making a difference for my skin and my flat scars on the side of my left cheek. It's getting the top layer of my skin off faster and letting the new skin underneath come out faster. The tretinoin is definitely helping...I'm still using it 72 hrs pre and post procedure to avoid inflammation. I don't know if I mentioned it, but my esthetician uses an awesome lotion/hydrator called Skinceuticals B5 gel...didn't want to get suckered in but I've heard good things about I decided to splurge and get it. I put a few drops of it on my face tonight, then put on a moisturizer...MY SKIN LOOKS SO GOOD. I also notice a marked decrease in the number and size of blackheads. Mine are deep and numerous...I'm so pleasantly surprised by this! I mean, I knew with my regimen and care they'd go away in a few months/half a year but the fact that I see a marked difference makes it worth it for me.

Thanks for sharing your story. Please keep us posted on your progress! It sounds great so far.

Thanks! I will! My third session is next Friday.
Dorset St Dermatology

Great dermatology practice, has always been very supportive of my results. I trust their expertise.

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