Vaser Liposuction on Thighs - South Africa, ZA

I've probably started writing this review about 10...

I've probably started writing this review about 10 times. My feelings are all over the place, I'm excited, scared, confused, happy, doubtful...all rolled into one. To do or not to do...that was the question but now I'm at that point where I just have to close my eyes and do turning back...(deposit paid :-)).
So, my recording of my journey starts here. I've been thinking about doing liposuction for years, but never really had the guts. After watching Extreme Makeovers and seeing how traditional liposuction is done, I simply could not stomach the thought. And then I found out about Vaser Liposuction. It really looked like a much better option. I went for a consult and my Doc was so nice and explained everything. I did TONS of research and then about a month ago I made up my mind. This is it, it is now of never. So, I booked a date, paid my deposit (before I can change my mind) and here I am! 10 day's before the procedure. Watch this space...


My suggestion is to keep a healthy diet before the date. I was thinking to do so myself, but was lazy and no will power. I think it played a bad role in me feeling extremely sick now (2nd day after surgery) I feel you on being undeceive. I was the same. But then decided, if I keep wondering all my life if I done it and then my life would be different in a good day, I would never know. So I went thru with it. I am in pain and not sure about my shape, I am all blue and swollen. But I stay positive and believe my recovery will be quick and my body will become what I just want it to be. At least I don't have to wonder anymore. As I know, people that become successful have one main different from the rest - they take risks.
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Hi, NataliaCA. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm going in tomorrow and feeling quite nervous. But it is like you say, one cannot keep wondering what it will be like for the rest of your life. So courage :-)
So exciting!  Don't be nervous, just take care of yourself these few days before your procedure.  Are you just doing your thighs?
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Night before...

So, it is the night before my procedure. It has been a really busy time for me at home and work and I have been putting the procedure out of my mind since my first post but now I cannot anymore. I have to face the fact, the time is nigh... I'm feeling super excited and super nervous (still!!) I had a chat to someone the other day and she said "nothing is worth doing if it doesn't make you feel excited and feel like vomiting a little bit at the same time!". I love it! It will be my new motto in life. This experience is definitely one of those occasions. So it must be worth it :-)


Okay. Have an appt. On the 18th... good luck to us both. :)
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How do you feel? I'm getting my inner and outer thighs done on the 18th. .. super nervous. .
I feel better today. Almost not nauseous. In pain and blue. I decided to not look at my body for a while, just wearing my garment, taking pills and staying positive. The bleeding stopped, but I can feel I got even more swollen. Next week is a follow up with a doc. I ll keep you posted.

On the other side...

I'm here! I've done it! And I am feeling great! It might still be the meds that is working on me, but I really thought I was going to feel a lot worse. The operation itself was pretty much painless. There were once or twice when things got a bit uncomfortable (like someone poking you with something), but then I asked my doctor to increase the med and it all went away into a blissful dream. I slept through most of the procedure so I do not remember much. I do remember standing in front of the door of the clinic and feeling really nervous. It really hit me at that moment and I must admit that I started shaking. But once I was inside the clinic, everybody was so warm and welcoming and it was just a pleasure being there. The procedure itself took just over 3 hours and the doctor sucked out 1,6litre of fat and fluid. It doesn't sound that much but when I looked at it in the containers it is a lot. It is equivalent to 3 X 500g margarine tubs! Just put 3 of them is a lot of fat!
After the procedure was done, I came back quickly. I felt fine. No pain except for the drip that was in my hand (ouch!!). After they took that out i felt much better. They gave me some lovely coffee with a rusk and some sugar sweets which I promtly devoured because it was the first food since the previous night. Then they just made me lie around a bit to see if I'm ok. They strapped me into the compression garment with lots of pads on the incisions to soak up the "seepage". Now, when I say "seepage" it is not really is, I fooled myself into thinking, who much can it really be?! Believe me it is A LOT! I'm still changing pads every half hour and I'm really hoping it will stop soon. But then again, they say the more you "seep", the less swelling there will be. I hope so, but I can already feel the swelling. At least it is not sore...for now...
Will update soon...


I'm so happy that you are okay. Get some rest. Post when you can.
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Day 2 after...

Today is day 2. I'm back at home and I must say I have a lot more pain than I had yesterday. But as I said, they gave me some good drugs yesterday and unfortunately they have worn off now. So, back to reality :-( The seepage is still there...or should I say flowing rivers. I went for a post op visit to the doctor this morning for some massage and lymph drainage. It helps with swelling and bruising but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and it was not pretty. I'm already black and blue and look like a balloon. My muscles are sore, like I did some hectic reps at gym (or actually more like someone had a boxing match with my thighs). Getting up and sitting down is a bother. I went for a walk though this afternoon. It was a slow one, but I felt better after getting my muscles moving again. They say day 3 is the worst...lets see what tomorrow holds...

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Day 3 and 4 ...

Yesterday I was super sore. My muscles were so stiff. I really battled to get up and down the stairs and don't even think about sitting down and getting up. BUT, I remember what my doctor and the nurse said and I kept active. I went for walks, I stretched and did some light leg exercises, exactly what I would do if I overdid it in the gym. Today I am MUCH better. Stairs is no problem anymore, sitting down and getting up is still a bit uncomfortable, but things are looking up...
I am also going for the post op visits to my doctor and they really help a lot. It is just nice to see the smiling face of the nurse and her encouraging words. The massage, ultrasound (vaser shape) and lymph drainage really makes me feel better.
I'm still very black and blue and I suppose it is going to get worse before it gets better. I look like a train wreck! The swelling is also still very pronounced BUT at least the seepage is a lot less. Only a few small drips after the massage and when I've been walking.
I cannot wait for the end results (even though they are still some time away)...


Hi, Natalia. How are you doing? Feeling better?
I feel better, thanks for asking. But swollen a lot, even more than before. If the mornings is not that bad, later during the day I swell more. Especially my knees. My bruises have changed the color from blue to dark blue/black/red/orange....I'll post some pics of my bruises in my story. I wasn't able to remove stickers from where the incisions were made, even in a shower, so I'll see what the doc say to do on Monday. Anyways, I stay positive.
So happy that you are feeling better. :) happy to hear that the pain doesn't last forever. ..

11 days down the line...

It has been a week of ups and downs. There were times that I was feeling absolutely miserable and then there were times that I felt just fine. It comes and goes. I've been back at work, and being a lot more active. I'm still very sore and swollen. At the end of the day I just need to put my legs up. The swelling feels worse at the end of the day. I'm still going to see my doctor every second day. She said that the swelling will start getting better after 2 weeks. So I'm hanging in there!
I can see a difference though on my legs. There is a definite improvement on the shape of my inner thighs. No more "bumps" right at the top of the leg. Even with all the swelling I can see the difference. Yay...


I am day 9 and still crazy sore! My husband says he can see a difference, but I feel like it isn't much. He took 2.5 liters off and I have never seen so much bruising before!!! I just hope it was worth the pain!!! That was horrible! I am glad to hear they told you 2 weeks! I hope mine starts to go down!
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3 weeks and counting

After about 3,5 weeks I think I'm starting to enjoy the has not been all moonshine and roses though. I have a "bump" on my leg where some fluid has accumulated and it is not looking so great, the swelling is still there and quite evident, but my doc assures me that in time it will all disappear. I have total faith in my doc and her staff. They are just the best! I always feel like a princess going to visit and I get the feeling that they really care about me and my well being.
I'm not fully recovered yet. It takes time and I think it is not at all what I expected. When you watch programs like Extreme Makeover the woman always walk out of the clinic, looking like they've stepped off a runway after the surgery and all is well. Well, it is NOT. You have pains where you've never had pains before, you have sore muscles and bumps and bruises and tight skin. It is NOT a walk in the park. BUT, I look at my "new" legs, see them NOT touching and rubbing together all the way from my knees and I cannot help but get extremely excited about the possibility that I actually might just wear that pair of skinny jeans same day soon without feeling like a total carrot leg!!

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3 months down the line...

Since my last update I have been focusing on getting my life back together. Liposuction is a small word but it really has upturned my life. I had no idea the recovery period would be sooo long, they warn you...3 to 6 months and even longer but I always thought...nah...not me...I'm healthy I'm way it will take that long...well, if you are considering this, prepare yourself. There is still some swelling and uneven patches, there is even some bumps that I did not have before! I'm going for my 3 month checkup next week and I really need to discuss this with my doc. I have been focusing on exercising and eating right. After the op I picked up weight (water retention) AND I went to the US for 2 weeks (which is never good for my weight) and picked up a whopping 5 kg's!
I am happy to say though, that I am back to pre-op weight! And this morning when i looked in the mirror I could actually see a gap between my thighs (with my feet together)!!! How exciting is that?!!
So, the question is still out it worth it? The jury is still out, BUT BUT BUT one thing this experience has taught me is that nothing comes without hard work!! Lipo is NOT a quick fix! You have to work hard afterwards and be super dedicated!


meg king I was wondering how you currently are now that time has passed? I am on day 17 and I still hurt and still have brusing. I see minimal changes and it's making me a nervous wreck. Please tell me this will get better. I had my thighs, knees, and "spare tire" done. 5 liters ! I'm 5'1" and about 145.

5 months....

With life there are many ups and downs, and I've been all over the show the last couple of months. Work has been hectic and stressful and disappointing and my emotions are taking a roller coaster ride to the detriment of my health and body! BUT one thing that is only getting better with each month is my legs!! Swelling is gone but I think there is still some room for improvement. I also think I need to get my lazy behind into the gym a bit more and start exercising my leg and butt muscles! I'm struggling to keep my weight in check so that doesn't help, but my legs are looking good and even for the extra kilo or two it has not taken away from the amazing results of the lipo!


Thanks for the continued and honest updates, they are very helpful to the community!  
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hey there in only 4 weeks post op very disappointed so far,, I work out so hard that was of the reasons I got vasor on outer thighs, was starting to take e toll on my knee's all the squats and lunges ,,and more leg work and glute work , I do I guess I need to be patient ,,, reading your post made me feel like there is hope ,,, :) that just wait this roller coaster out ,,, I see saggy skin,, still cellulite not happy :(
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