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Juvederm in Tear Trough - South Africa

I'm 41, had Juvederm injected into tear trough...

I'm 41, had Juvederm injected into tear trough area today for volume loss due to the relentless ageing process :) There was minimal discomfort during the procedure.
So far, the result is subtle, there is some minor bruising on left side (I do bruise easily), with some concealer it is completely imperceptible. Have a follow in scheduled in 10- 14 days to check the results and possible top up if needed. Costs for these procedures seems to be considerably cheaper than the US.

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I have known the provider for some time and admire his work

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I can't tell how you looked before, but your yes now, minus the bruise looks smooth and almost flawless. Wow, did you even need juviderm or was your doctor that GREAT! I got my hollows done, and swelling lasted for 3 weeks. It's gone down a little, an I have no dark circles, but my eyes look a little pillow puffy..It's getting better, but My healing process seems to be taking long than the so called 1-2 weeks the doctor tells you.
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Hey Scottsdale1247, yes cosmetic procedure are very common in South Africa. Despite being cheaper than the States, it is still quite high end as our equivalent of medical insurance doesn't cover anything cosmetic. We also don't have local celebrity doctors or doctors involved in shows on TV. They tend not to market as aggressively, the market here is a lot smaller. That Dr Rey (90210) visited SA to market his range of creams etc... The local board certified (different term here- specialist Plastic Surgeon, means same) wouldn't allow him to talk at a congress as he's not board certified. :)
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Wow you aren't kidding about being cheaper!  Juve in the US runs anywhere from 350-550 in my experience.  I am surprised that you still have restylane from 4 years ago, it will be interesting to see how long your Juve lasts since your body keeps your filler for a good amount of time. 
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Hi Scottsdale 1247, yes everything is a lot cheaper in SA (other than designer clothes). Think this is partially due to the medico-legal insurance doctors pay in the states, it is more litigious than in South Africa- so far... However for lazer procedures and things like Endermologie, there is no justification whatsoever, the equipment probably costs more in SA due to import duties than the sates, yet is a lot cheaper- third of the price ect... The cost of a syringe per filler to Dr is same as US, however the margins in SA not as big.
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That's so interesting.  Are cosmetic procedures quite common there?  It seems like a very common thing here in Scottsdale, you see grandmas getting fillers, botox, breast implants...!
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Hi, thanks for your comment. Have tried replying a couple of times, something is going wrong :(
I've previously had Restalyne injected into my crimple lines (used to be dimples). Result was good,lines dissapeared, however, I didn't like the feeling- putty in my cheeks and felt weird. This was done about 4 years ago, haven't repeated the procedure, however there is still some residual Restalyne left in crimple lines, they are softer. The lines were minimal, would rather save up for a face lift, despite not needing one just yet.
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Sorry to hear you were having a hard time replying. I'm glad you were able to get it to go through.

That is interesting that you found the filler in your dimple area to be less agreeable than in your under eyes. I would have guessed it would have been the opposite, with the under eye area seeming so sensitive. I'm glad you tested it out & found that you like it. :)

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Its sounding like all went well with your tear trough injections - glad to hear that! Have you ever had filler done elsewhere, or was this your first experience with it?

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