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Just heading out the door now for my explant...

Just heading out the door now for my explant operation. I am a bag of nerves and didnt sleep a wink last night. I have silicone implants over the muscle for the last 13 years and if I'm really honest I have never enjoyed them. They just look stuck onto me and so unnatural. They are not particularly big I now fill a 34C/D I was a 34 a but they just do not suit my frame. That coupled with my best friend dying from breast cancer aged just 41 and the recent pip controversy is what has led me to this decision although really it was only a matter of time. I am terrified though one surgeon I visited advised doing an uplift on the same day as I have no breast tissue and will be left with spaniels ears. So I visited another who was certainly kinder with his words. However its the stories on this site that have inspired me the most I hope I will be as fortunate as you ladies.
I'll be back in touch when I am finally me again! x

Just had the drains out 5 days post op. I didnt...

Just had the drains out 5 days post op. I didnt look at them the nurse said good idea as there werent pretty!! Of course as soon as I got home I had a look so depressing there is nothing just saggy skin. Im trying to stay focused on why I got them removed to begin with but very hard i look like a boy no shape to me at all. I am stilled drained from the surgery no pain really but just so washed out. I want to hide under the covers but no way with my 2 year old smiling up at me. My husband went back to work today and I am very nervous of myself, how soon can I drive and have a proper shower??
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Well its being 7 months since my procedure and I have meant to update this review along the way, so I am glad I got a reminder. I can honestly say the desicion to explant has been one of my better ones. I am delighted to be free and feel and look like myself again. My breasts are as flat as can be, the nipple caves in as there is no tissue behind them and I now wear a size 34a. But I feel great, I look natural they feel soft and warm and cuddles with my kids are so much nicer. I am glad I didnt go for a lift at the same as recommended by one surgeon as the amount of bounce in my skin is quite amazing and I do not have those scars to contend with. I just had my annual mammogram and ultrasound the radiographer said it was a very clean removal no remaining fluid and you really couldnt tell that Id ever had impants. Whilst my skin sags I would imagine it would do that after breastfeeeding three kids anyway. They do not look amazing but they do not look that bad and they feel just great I really am so very pleased and just wish I had done it years ago.
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Well i am 4 days post procedure. There is no pain as such but i feel really sick.from the medication. Thanfully the antibiotics finish today n i have stopped taking the painkillers. I also still have the drains in praying they will come off tomorrow as they are so difficult with the small kids. I am well bandaged up but can see i am as a flat as a wash board but at the moment it doesnt concern me at all when i have to look at them im sure i will feel differently. How soon do you get back to normal life i so want to wash my hair but am.afrid of overstretching? How long does the sickness last for i also have a lot of lower backache i guess my posture is beibg realigned without the rock bags!! The surgery went pretty smoothly the implants were intact so only parts of the capsule were removed as the surgeon said i have zero breast tissue. I am now wondering should i have insisted on full removal. I have suffered from lots of aches n pains n juat general ongoing tiredness over the years. I had put it down to the kids n getting older but now i am paraying that following this surgery i get a bit of my vitality back fed up of feeling so drained without their ever being anything wrong. Fingers crossed. Id love to hear from any other ladies at a similar stage n hear how your recovery is coming on. I am hopibg to see
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