I am a 21 year of female from South Africa who has...

I am a 21 year of female from South Africa who has never needed bigger boobs until after I had and then lost my son at 6 months old to cot death. I then suffered extreme bulimia causing me to drop from 65kgs to 40kgs in a matter of 4 months. Now That I am fully recovered I have been on a quest to get my boobs back to what they were pre- pregnancy ( Full, perky and sexy ).

I am 1.69m tall (5.5ft) and now weigh a healthy 57kgs.

I am hoping to get my surgery done in September. My doctor recommended that I do not go bigger then 325cc, but I am really unsure as I do not want to regret it after a few months and wish that I had gone bigger.

Anyway, I will keep you all updated. I have uploaded a few pictures on myself today and how empty my boobs are looking.


Do not listen to anybody about size because it also depends on how much breast there is there to start with. Not everybody's taste is the same. Do whatever you feel is the right one for you, taking your doctor's opinion too. Good luck !
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What happened to you is awful. I am so glad you got over it though. I know what you mean to see your breasts deflated after breastfeeding. That is what happened to me with my ba. I got a bigger gap than I had naturally. and they move to the side a lot when I open my arms creating a bigger gap. I do not see that on all women though, I cannot explain it.
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You are 5'5"? You can easily go bigger if you want. I have 350s and they are perfect, but I am 5'2" and 105 lbs. No worries!!! I would so up to 400 or so if you want. They will look gorgeous on you. I had 225 at first and they just weren't as good as these 350s!!!
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BA funding.

I have no idea when my actually surgery date is and I would like to share why with some ladies on here as it may help. I won't say that that I have been under privileged, but I honestly do not have the money to pay for a breast augmentation. So I went on a quest, trying to find students who needed people to do their practicals on. Unfortunately I did not find anyone in SA.

I did however come across a site called myfreeimplants.com. It is an online community where people (both men and woman) donate money towards your goal amount for your surgery. You can earn donations in many ways. Some girls even go the nude route and sell explicit content to reach their goal faster. Fortunately there are girls, like myself, that do not take part in that. I raised my amount with selling my photosets from modelling shoots and then also by making a whole lot of virtual friends who genuinely wanted to help me.

I reached my goal in 4 Months after joining on the 16th of June 2014. I however have to wait because of clauses on the site. The first wait is that of the 30 day wait until you can download the model agreement, which you have to sign and send to the US. Then only once they receive your documents ( which takes up to about 2 weeks depending on where about you are ), they will do an account review to make sure you have not gone against rules and regulations ( takes about 10 days ). When the review is complete, they will issue you with a document that states when your money will be paid to your plastic surgeon ( to assure you get the surgery ). Only then will you be able to book for your surgery.

At the moment I am in the stage of my account review. It started on Saturday. Hopefully I will know by this time next week when I can book for my surgery.

Anyway I hope this helps some girls that need a bit of help funding wise. The wait sucks and it can be a bit time consuming, but it is worth it in the end. I will keep you updated.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday. XoXo


There is much more to a quality of life than big boobies. Boobies do not make a woman just as larger items don't make a man. I don't see this as an emergency. But good luck in what ever you want to do.
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Each Person has there own views on self worth and image. This is just my opinion. As this was yours. But thank you very much
I've done mine for 24K and there is also a site where they "finance" the procedure. Try going 350cc mine are 360cc and a small D cup. Good luck sweet I do hope u get the funds together for your procedure :-)
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MFI account review completed

I am really really excited that my account review has been completed on MFI and that I now have a estimate of when I can have my surgery done. I am looking at the end of September.

I am going to be honest I am a little confused at the moment and I am not so sure if I want to even go ahead with it. I have an addiction for buying underwear and I own about 30 bras ( yes I know "SHOCKING"). I do not want to get rid of my bras after my BA but it is a must. It just means I am going to have to start all over again. Have any other ladies ever felt the same way? Or is this just me being odd again?


I would give you an advice to go over the muscle with your implants. You will have problems with the muscle contracting and I would not mess with it if it is not absolutely necessary. Ask your doctor about it. Good luck.
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Hey Vannatoo. I have already planned to go above the muscle as I have started to gym regularly and have heard of how the muscle pulls and may rupture the implant. I am also A big sucker when it comes to pain. Haha. Thank you so much for the tip though. XoXo

Some Before photos

Just a couple pictures before my surgery next week.

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Pre-Op 10/09/2014

When I arrived at the plastic surgeon for my my pre-op, he went over everything I needed to do before my surgery. I also asked him if we could discuss sizing again. I told him that I wanted to go a bit bigger because I have read a lot of reviews where woman have stated that they wish that they had gotten a bigger CC and are a little disappointing. He agreed and said that he would do some more measurements to see what he could do. He marked around my breast with this funky blue marker ( I actually thought it was pretty cool). Once he was done, he told me that the largest that he would be able to fit is a 360CC as that is all the space I have. i asked him if he had some of the implants for me to try on. At first he gave me the 325CC and they looked nice with a T-shirt on and then I realised that It is not like if am not happy with the size, that I can just come back a week later and say I want them bigger. He unfortunately didn't have any 360CC implants, but I tried on a 400CC and a 385CC and in my opinion they were way to big for me. and I honestly didn't like them at all. So I decided to go for the 360CC. When I asked about the scarring he said that it might end up being a big longer ( about 6 cm ) because I had chosen a bigger implant, which I was not to worried about ( its not like I am going to try hide the fact I have implants ). Once we were done , I went and spoke to the lady that does all the financing and she told me that the payment had come through for the surgery and that I was ready to go, she also gave me some forms to fill in and told me that I needed to take them into the hospital on Wednesday morning.


I just had surgery Tuesday and I have 360cc as well can't wait to compare results good luck.
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Thank you so much. How is the pain? Did you go under or over the muscle?
My pleasure :) Oh the pain well I can't handle pain never could so I guess everybody gets to experience a different kind of aftermath. Mine was intense I couldn't keep pain meds in I was vomiting the whole night. I went under muscle, it hurts more but my own opinion is that they look and feel natural to me under the muscle. I heard over muscle doesn't hurt so much. But also your ps should suggest what he/she thinks where it should go but ultimately it's up to you.

1 and a half days till BA!!! and getting scared

I wont lie, I am really nervous about my BA on Wednesday. II went to the beach today with my mom and they was this lady there and you could clearly see that she had had a boob job. In my opinion it looked horrible they were too big for her body and they were also extremely far apart. I wanted to ask her what CC she had gottten but I was too scared as she might have thought I was rude. Anywya seeing this has made me really question if maybe 360CC will be too much for me and that I might not feel comfortable. Please help me??? I am really really scared because I do not want to regret it.


No no dont say that! You wil be fine it will be the quickest sleep ever. To me it felt like i closed my eyes and 5 minutes later i was woken up. You will be okay promise :)
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1 day post op.

Wow! It is one day post op and I am feeling really really sore. Got my drain removed this morning and it was painful. I bleed a lot. Urg. When I am feeling a bit better I will let you know about my experience yesterday. In the mean time, I am posting a few pictures. Let me know what you think? I am feeling as if they are too big :( :( :(


Well done. The swelling will go down but you have a few months to see actuall results. They going to look fine sweety x
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I really hope so babe. Still in two minds. the swelling is horrible and really painful. When did your swelling start to go down under your arms?
They Look Beautiful! Not too big at all. Happy Healing!
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Day 2 post op. very very concerned.

The swelling has gotten so much worse and I am feeling terrible. Does everyone experience this? Or is it just me??? Please help


The pain will take about seven to ten days to subside. The swelling can take a few weeks. Mine felt okayish after a couple of days and the swelling some more days. But the pain does go away :)
It will but it takes A lot of time like 2 months or more. Have you tried drinking pineapple juice or coconut water? It helps :)
Oh my God! Somebody else that is boobies crazy too. You mean I am not alone in feeling like a pervert looking at breasts of all shapes and sizes every spare moment?!?!


Thought I would give the whole video thing a try. I am feeling sooooo much better and starting to love my boobs.

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#Retry haha

Seen as the first videon didn't update. Hopefully this one will.

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And again

5 Days post-op
Ok...... So hopefully this one will work as I am doing it from my laptop this time and not my phone haha.


Looking Great and cute video. :) Have a Good Day!
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8 days post-op and feeling a ton better!

i cant believe its already 8 days post-op. I am not going to lie, i am feeling sooo much better. The swelling has gone down a bit but is still there. I am pretty mobile though, I am now able to bath myself and get dressed without any help.
The pictures I have posted are from 6 days post-op. I absolutely love how they look in my crop top!


Love the new pics,your new girls are perfect and are in proportion with your body. Beautiful job.
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I was seriously so worried the first couple of days that they were way to big. Now that the have settled a bit, I am absolutely loving the look and can not wait for them to settle some more. I am such a worrier at times.
It's normal to worry,these procedures cause stress and our emotions take over us. Happy for you :) Happy continued healing.

19 days post-op

WOW. I am feeling so much better and I am actually loving my boobies. The are looking great and I am having fun. Even though I know I have to wear sports bras for the next 3 months, it didn't stop me from going to try on a bra over the weekend. It is a 32 D. What do you ladies think? does it fit nicely?

I have also taking pictures of my scars, they seem to be healing well for not even 3 weeks post op.


Hey :). just came across your review and wanted to say your girls are looking awesome. It is so nice that you were able to do this for yourself.. made me happy to hear you got all the funding for it! You more than deserve something to make you feel good especially after living through such an immense tragedy. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss... I cannot even imagine. Wonderful that you were able to recover from bulimia as well, you are a strong woman!!
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Hey Anna. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea how that has actually brightened up my day. I have read through your review and i have to say your results are fantastic!
You look Great :) It fits nicely. Happy Monday!
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21 days post-op

I am now 3 weeks post-op and feeling really unsure about my sizing. What is your opinion? hopefully I will get through this phase quickly.


You look fantastic! I think the size looks great. It's so easy to second guess ourself. I've been doing tons of it. I think we are our own worst critique. Happy healing.
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You look Beautiful!
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Thank you so much. Do you know yet when you are having your other surgery yet?

Pics a month post-op

it is now 34 days post op and i am still not loving my boobs at all. When I am in cloths it just feels like I am wearing super padded bra and that i am lacking that "WOW' factor. on the other hand, when I am naked, they feel way to big on me and that they are to big for my body. I am in such two minds about it. maybe it will be different when I can start to wear a normal bra. Anyway, here are some pictures of what they are looking like. What is your opinion???


I think you look fantastic. Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Dr. Mahendra Daya

A fabulous Dr. He was extremely helpful and answered any questions I had. Not enough words to describe him. I would recommend him a million times over!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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