Nose Still Looks Skew After 3 Operations- WHY?

I had my first operation in 2009 to have my bump...

I had my first operation in 2009 to have my bump removed and nostrils lifted but in 2010 i got kicked with a soccer ball which broke my nose and i only had to undergo surgery again- which i did 10 months later to straighten it - in jan 2012 i had another op because my right side was bulging and the left side had a small bump- its been over a month and my nostrils look terrible (they are uneven and the left side is drooping) and my nose still looks skew-also my left side profile looks much nicer than the right. i am really unhappy and feel depressed when i look at it- how many more operations will i still need?!


I have had the same experiences as you. These too could be my photos.After my first rhinoplasty I walked into a door. Besides the rhinoplasty looking horrible to begin with (not at all what I had expected) my nose became even more crooked. I then found another surgeon who did a revision. My nose kept on moving back to the right. I had another revision with him but the bone kept moving. Finally my last surgery made my nose straight but now nostrils are crooked. It's been 7 years and I think I may live with this. I am just so scared and weary. I was never out for perfection but my nose kept moving. If you do a revision in the future make sure they do a septoplasty along with the rhino. Also get a revision specialist who is highly qualified. If I do anything else to my nose I will be going to a revision expert big time. I hope your nose ends up being what you want it to and what you're seeing is swelling so you don't have to do any sort of revision.
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for a second there I thought this was my photo. I have the exact same problem except for my nose is not swollen and it has been 6 years since my operation. I keep looking for a doctor for revision but they are too scared to do it. Because they think something will go wrong and I will blame every problem other doctors caused me on them.
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would you girls be as kind to please please tell me who did your Rhinoplasties,im an Adelaide and looking around for a good surgeon! lease Help!!! Cheers!
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