Facelift and Neck Liposuction for Jowls

I had sedation and woke up with no side effects. I...

I had sedation and woke up with no side effects. I have had a afair amount of swelling which has not subsided altogether and am also numb.

My neck was liposuctioned and is a bit lumpy and I have had a treatment of manual lymph drainage. I also have a few lumps in my cheeck

I had my facelift five weeks ago and the resuls...

I had my facelift five weeks ago and the resuls are great but under my chin on either side it looks as though it is possbly hanging slightly or swoollen and I am concerned as I had jowls before. -- Updated on Dec 1, 2009: It is now six weeks since I had my facelift and I am really looking younger,the problem is that my left side of my face is still swollen and I have a bag under my left eye, all this is very uncomfortable and the left side feels tight. Is this normal.
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he is very patient and understand and has an excellent track record

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Did I understand it right you paid 150 US dollars???
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Question:Facelift and Neck Liposuction for Jowls? Answer: If sagging of the skin of the lower face, jowls and neck is present, facelift surgery to redrape the soft tissues and skin of the face and neck is indicated. If the jowls are puffy, I will frequently perform superficial and very conservative liposuction of the jowl region. If there is a fatty fullness of the neck, I will employ conservative liposuction in the neck region as well. The liposuction portion of the procedure precedes the remainder of the submentoplasty and facelift procedure.
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What you might be describing is the submsxillary gland, which is a salovary gland. if so nothing can be done.
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