Developed Foreign Body Granuloma After Lip Augmentation - South Africa

Very bad experience as I now have to live with...

Very bad experience as I now have to live with this pain. For 7 years all was well but a year ago a developed foreign body granuloma.

I had a filler injected in my lips 8 years ago and have developed foreign body granuloma. The retired plastic surgeon says it was Juverderm. Is this possible and what treatment do you suggest?

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Has anyone have advice on or been to see Dr Daniel Cussato from Italy who does advanced laser treatment on foreign body granuloma from a permanent filler?
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The circled bumps in your upper lip are all internal, and in favorable locations. You should have a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon try dilute triamcinolone injections; these can often make these bumps disappear rather quickly. If you'd like to have them removed, in the right hands, there should be no significant scarring. I hope this helps, and best regards.
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Hi Sharon, I have contacted the Allergan who have told me the same. Unfortunately the plastic surgeon who injected me has retired. However he is adamant that it was Juverderm that he injected. I am due to have another op next week and am this time going to have the foreign body analysed as the perious ops have just come back "foreign body presumably from an injected substance. Thank you so much for your reply. Kind regards

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Juvederm has been around in various forms for a while, but it was only approved by the US FDA in 2006. I haven't been able to find any information about when it was approved in South Africa, but it seems odd that Juvederm was a.) in widespread use in 2001, and b.) would last for eight years (it's a hyaluronic acid).

Are they able to go in and take a sample of the substance?

I hope you're able to find the help you need for this. Good luck.

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